As per the Canadian trucker convoy, a NZ convoy to parliament has been arranged. Arriving in Wellington next Tuesday morning all going to plan. The convoy leaves Bluff and Cape Reinga 6:30am Sunday 6/2/22 slowly winding its way through towns and cities to arrive in Wellington 8/2/22 6am (projected timeframes).

8 Feb 22
NZ’s convoy is at Parliament
9 Feb - Livestream, Chantelle Baker; Video (
(Note NZ msm is already saying it's tense and they feel slightly threatened ... total rubbish. See the livestreams, music playing, folk are peaceful and friendly. This is pure propaganda to turn the public against the protesters. Nothing new TWNZ).

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 Documents obtained by Newsroom under the Official Information Act reveal the numbers the Government has been trying to keep secret - how much New Zealand paid for its vaccines, Marc Daalder reports.

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"NgAngA has hit the national news headlines in recent weeks with his innovative business approach, and the mainstream media have predictably demonised him for not complying with and enforcing the discrimination and apartheid of the New Zealand Traffic Light system and its associated Vaccine Passports." ...  Kiwi4Justice

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"The MinHealth OIA response just received about Remdesivir. I asked why they chose a treatment of choice that has a concerning risk profile and how they are monitoring this.
It turns out they can't explain." ... Sue Grey (NZ Lawyer)


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My Pandemic videos:
Nanotech found in Pfizer jab by New Zealand lab. Sue Grey Co-leader of Outdoors and Freedom Party and Dr Matt Shelton report findings to Parliament's Health Select Committee. has been publishing similar work from Spain, since last year, as have German pathologists.(VIDEO)
TWNZ Comment: yes already evidenced from labs in other countries. Many times. Watch Dr Jane Ruby, Stu Peters and others comment regularly on topic.

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This post from Counterspin is a week or so old but gives some very interesting info on the fiscal envelopes most of us would be unaware of. Waitangi, Ratana and Waikato. Hear the details starting at 16 mins in, from an interview with Carlene Hereora. Before that is a NZ lawyer speaking about Sec 83 of the Health & Safety Act and putting your employer on notice about unsafe work places (ie one that's applying coercion to take an experimental medical treatment now known to cause harm witness Pfizer's now released documents, aside from the official governmental (underreported) death and injury databases). A must watch. TWNZ

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An interesting interview with Drs Sam and Mark Bailey. We've all watched Dr Sam's videos, here she is with husband, Dr Mark. Hear how they've been 'leaned on' by the medical authorities for daring to depart from or even question the official narrative on the CV VX, dangerous territory as we're seeing with the cover ups of injuries going on. This is a comprehensive interview giving you an insight into where these two Doctors are coming from, their NZ training, their individual routes to eventually questioning the government line. Well worth the watch in terms of the science behind their respective decisions. TWNZ

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PLEASE BEWARE (Health Forum NZ):

We have had reports of kids being jabbed without their parents consent... A grand parent and/or caregiver (so ANY family member) could take a child and get them jabbed without the permission or knowledge of the parent.

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Is the Pfizer vaccine safe for 5-11-year olds? What were the results of the trials?

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Drawing from an article by Dr Guy Hatchard (NZ) recently posted ... I believe the headline needs to be double highlighted. Seriously. Would you purchase any new product that was safety tested by the very company that made it? And not tested independently? Conflict of interest seems to be an issue that's frequently swept under the carpet now. Do read this article in its entirety but ponder at length on what it is saying if you are contemplating taking your children to be jabbed. Perhaps you were jabbed and were not affected adversely as some have been. This does not guarantee your child won't be. Search our pages for adverse events in NZ. There are plenty, but they are denied and suppressed regularly. TWNZ

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The Health Forum NZ (by Dr Guy Hatchard): "Does the vaccination programme for teens and younger surpass the threshold for criminal prosecution? D-Day for vaccinating 5-11 year olds is upon us. If as a parent (or a politician) you do a google search “Is Covid vaccination of 5-11 year olds safe?” you turn up a host of articles not only assuring you that it is safe and effective, but also urging you that it is necessary....If [however] you add the term ‘scholarly articles’ to your search you might be surprised to find that there are just two root studies on which this whole host of reassuring public relations is based. Both of these are conducted by Pfizer itself which certainly has a vested interest in telling you that vaccination is safe."

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I'm so thankful for Medical Professionals like NZ's Dr Sam Bailey (and many more) who have been speaking out for a long time about their concerns with the 'safe and effective' experimental injection. A sure way to get removed from practising however many Doctors like this one place their oath not to harm above the monetary rewards for jabbing people. Recent revelations show that NZ Doctors receive $359 per jab. TWNZ

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From The Health Forum NZ: "The uniformed professionals affected by the Vaccine Order are committed professionals who have served New Zealanders for decades. Some have risked their lives domestically or deployed on operations overseas. Many have received commendations and awards for their work."

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VIDEO from NZ's Dr Sam Bailey at her Odysee channel: " "Safe & Effective" - now where have we heard that before? Let's dive into another pharmaceutical experiment and see how it affected future generations."

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A NZ Pastor, Ps Carl Bromley, posted a video at Facebook today (New Year 2022) describing what he found on return from a NY's evening out with his family. A recorded phone message discloses just who it was raided his trashed home in his absence. (VIDEO) And describes what has gone before this attack. TWNZ

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From Tessa Lena @ Youtube: This story is about a brave and classy human being and a medical doctor in New Zealand, who had his medical license suspended and was forced to retire due to his opposition to mandates and his general sense of dignity and a lack of desire to fold under the boot.

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"I ask you: When have discrimination, segregation and exclusion ever been good for anyone's health?  When in the history of our known world has a healthy person been considered a danger?"

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"That biblical quote, from Matthew 19:14, might appear in the future as a scratched graffiti on a conspiracy leader’s headstone in an anonymous overgrown little New Zealand cemetery somewhere; a verdict by history on the injection of a needless and unknown ‘code cocktail’ into the unknowing and defenseless." Dr Maurice McGrath

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Dr Sophie Fevery from Southland speaks to the Invercargill District Council. She delivers important information about the so-called pandemic and about our options aside from the experimental injection. She cites the stats, survival rate/percentages, risks, alternatives etc. Very to the point. TWNZ

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"Dr Bernard Conlon of the Murupara Medical Center is under being investigation by the Medical Council for making public remarks at a Māori health expo in August, where he questioned “informed consent” for children and pregnant women regarding the Covid-19 Pfizer 'vaccine'."
"The fear about the pandemic has morphed into an ugly kind of bullying originating at the government level, said Dr Conlon. "

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