truth 1123020 1280All of the content here at TWNZ  focuses on providing information that is independent from the generally accepted narrative. This has become necessary now in a day when corporations are known to be not exactly honest.

"Today's business corporation is an artificial creation, shielding owners and managers while preserving corporate privilege and existence. Artificial or not, corporations have won more rights under law than people have - rights which government has protected with armed force" Richard L Grossman and Frank T Adams

To repeat the wise words of Edmund Burke … "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing"

For many years now, we've needed to observe and monitor the contents of the food we buy, the water we drink, indeed the very air we breathe. Increasingly they've been poisoned with a plethora of fancy named chemicals that have been deemed safe yet are not.  Corporations simply cannot be trusted (are not legally required) to have our best interests at heart. To grasp the enormity of that state of affairs, please watch 'The Corporation' documentary. It can be found on Youtube. To put that in context peruse our history of the current New World Order (NWO) rolling out as we speak. (Currently to be found at our Rangitikei site, main menu). NZ's own evangelist Barry Smith exposed their plans in his books and lectures dating from the early 1970s through to 2002. What a legend. (Info and links for Barry's work can also be found on the NWO pages and our other site, Signs of the End.

So the site is about … watching what corporations do ...  exposing their lies and corruption.

Currently the focus none of us can ignore is that of not covid-19 so much, as the experimental injection.

A NZ citizens register has logged more than 150 deaths to date while the NZ Government continues to tell its citizens there have been none and the jab is 'safe and effective'.

As an update @ 26 Sept 2021, one officially acknowledged vaccine related death is currently under investigation by the authorities.


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