Yet another case of 'mysterious' excessive death rates. Whilst predictably ignoring completely the elephant in the room. Deaths that number 20 million or so. Nothing to see here .... TWNZ

Beginning in 2021, Australians have been dying at disturbing rates. Yet, political and medical authorities continue to ignore this, says a group of ethical doctors and scientists who have investigated what is killing so many Australians.

The Australian Senate voted against holding an inquiry into this excess mortality but independent, committed medical professionals have conducted an investigation.  They reveal that even the inadequate adverse event reporting systems of global regulators show alarming numbers of adverse events, disability and deaths.

Australia is in the midst of a health crisis, the group of independent investigators said. Their analysis indicates it is iatrogenic.  In other words, the harm to patients and death is induced “unintentionally” by a medical doctor or other professional. “Too many people are dead and harmed. Australians deserve accountability, transparency and justice.”


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