Learn the truth about cancer. It is not in the interests of those promoting depopulation to offer cures for cancer other than the standard 'mainstream' options with  a success rate of a mere 3%. I have read articles by oncologists saying that folk live longer with no treatment (ie those mainstream options). They in fact would not take the standard chemo option.From an oncologist that is pretty telling.

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Clean Green NZ (not) … the only green thing about NZ these days is the 1080 pellets DoC is ‘conserving’ our environment with. We’ve had chlorine in our water for years, a known carcinogen. No noises made about that one. Now they are planning on mandatory Fluoride. No choice. … The Editor


Between 300,000 and 800,000 New Zealanders may be exposed to potentially harmful levels of nitrates in their drinking water, which may increase their chances of developing bowel cancer.

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