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"The FDA had MUCH practice committing murder long before they “approved” the COVID vaccines; And yet it’s not a rogue agency"

People started taking a hard look at the FDA after the agency “authorized and approved” the deadly COVID RNA vaccines.

I was putting out fliers exposing the FDA when I ran for a seat in Congress in 1994.

I haven’t stopped exposing them.

Once again, I refer you to—the Starfield Report, published in JAMA, on July 26, 2000, authored by Dr. Barbara Starfield…

Which revealed that, in the US, the annual death number as result of people taking medical drugs is…


That works out to over a MILLION deaths per decade.

The point?

Every one of those drugs was approved by the FDA as safe and effective.

Get it?

So…how did FDA work their vicious magic?

They took data and reports from pharma companies who ran clinical trials of the drugs, examined the data, didn’t question the data, didn’t investigate.

When they saw huge holes and lies in the data, they ignored them.

Do you think the public has access to all that raw data and all those reports?

Of course not. It’s “proprietary.”

The public is walled off from the drug companies by the FDA.

“Don’t worry your pretty little heads, America. We here at the FDA are standing guard for you. We only green light drugs that are safe and effective.”


A million deaths per decade.

Suppose you worked for a company, and you were responsible for certifying the products of the company as safe.

And you allowed a MILLION deaths per decade to occur as a result of people using those products.

You and your bosses would have to do a whole lot of covering up and lying, to stay in business.

A whole lot.

You would be a killer but no one would know that.

There’s your FDA. That’s what they do. And no one inside the federal government points it out. No one arrests and prosecutes an employee of the FDA. No one lifts a finger.

The FDA could completely rewrite a drug company’s clinical trial of a new drug and no one would know it.

A drug company could, for all we know, never run a clinical trial in the first place…and the FDA could say they did…and no one would know.

You think the CIA is a secretive agency? The FDA has those guys beat by a mile—and right out in the open.

So when Pfizer and Moderna submitted their data to the FDA on the new RNA COVID vaccines…it was business as usual at the agency. Approving a killer vaccine wasn’t a mind-bending departure from standard practice.

Only ignorant and unaware people would think it was.

Just as US street gangs work for the Mexican cartels selling killer street drugs…

The FDA street gang works for the pharma companies. Approving killer drugs.

Which results in mass murder of Americans.

There is another parallel here .... 


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