Although Dr. Douglas Hulstedt himself is without a doubt that vaccines caused 40%-50% of the autism cases he saw in his practice, he told Steve Kirsch during an interview that vaccines cause up to 90% of the autism cases according to a doctor practising family medicine in Louisiana who has treated over 8,000 cases.

Below is an interview with former paediatrician Dr. Douglas Hulstedt who speaks of his own experiences of autism as a doctor as well as the experience of others.  He can now speak freely because they took away his license for writing one – ONE – vaccine exemption.

Dr. Hulstedt has been a long-time advocate for voluntary vaccination.  In 2019, as measles outbreaks in California drove officials to end or tighten exemptions based on personal beliefs or medical issues, Dr. Hulstedt told the Monterey County Weekly he considered forcing children to be vaccinated “a criminal act.”

During 2014 and 2020, at the request of a father embroiled in a custody battle who did not want his son vaccinated, Dr. Hulstedt wrote vaccine exemptions for him.  However, the mother of the child wanted him vaccinated.  An accusation was filed in court against Dr. Hulstedt.  In January 2021, the court ordered the boy to be vaccinated.  The next day the father shot and killed his son and then turned the gun on himself.

The mother later filed a complaint with the Medical Board which placed Dr. Hulstedt under scrutiny for gross negligence due to lacking “basic medical knowledge” and/or engaging in “repeated negligent acts in providing vaccine exemptions” for the child. In March 2023, Dr. Hulstedt lost his medical licence.

Since 2000, Dr. Hulstedt has seen 150 autism cases.  Of those, 74, 40-50% became autistic as a result of the childhood vaccines, he told Kirsch, 44 of which were “overnight” where the child was normal one day and began exhibiting multiple obvious symptoms of autism rapidly.

All 44 “overnight” cases happened within 2 weeks after a vaccine was given.  There were no such cases before vaccination.

It is statistically impossible that vaccines don’t cause autism, Kirsch tweeted.  In the tweet below, Kirsch shows that the calculation of Dr. Hulstedt’s observations is impossible if the vaccines don’t cause autism:

It is because Dr. Hulstedt no longer practices medicine that he can be honest, Kirsch said.  “Other doctors would lose their licenses if they revealed their stats because it’s important to toe the party line.”

During his interview with Kirsch, Dr. Hulstedt quoted Dr. Stephanie Cave who has seen over 8,000 autism cases and estimates 80-90% of autism cases are caused by vaccines.

In 2000, Dr. Cave gave testimony to the US House of Representatives Committee on Government Reform about the link between mercury and autism. Thimerosal, a mercury-containing preservative, was first used in vaccines in the early 1930s.

“The timing of infant and toddler vaccines, with mercury, corresponds to critical periods of neuronal development,” she said. “The injection of mercury appears to affect only certain children, but I fear that we have underestimated the devastation by concentrating on the autistic children.”

“It is imperative that we stop giving heavy metals to children through vaccines when their bodies can least handle such an insult. We are seeking the link on a daily basis. The children are recovering steadily, but the treatment is expensive and tedious,” Dr. Cave said.

Dr. Hulstedt also mentioned a study conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Mumper which found around 40%-45% of autism cases were caused by vaccines.

Paediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, who is pro-vaccine, also adds to the body of evidence suggesting that vaccines cause autism.  Dr. Hulstedt had heard Zimmerman quoted as saying that 20-30% of his patients had developed autism because of vaccines.

If you want to understand the mechanism for how vaccines cause autism, Kirsch suggests reading the book by JB Handley titled How to End the Autism Epidemic which takes you through step by step.

You can watch a 10 minute clip from Kirsch’s interview with Dr. Hulstedt below.  It’s not clear when the interview was conducted but it was sometime in 2023.


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