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In this podcast, I’m going to start by taking you inside the shocking and devastating news story that broke on May 11, 1987, in the London Times.

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A veteran science writer, out of nowhere, claimed HIV/AIDS in Africa was triggered by the prior mass smallpox vaccination campaign in African countries.

The story created a global uproar and massive denials.

I’ll show you what was REALLY going on there, and what the science writer missed.

The truth was a phenomenal example of lying about viruses and using them as cover stories. To hide horrendous crimes.

Then I’ll fast forward to COVID, and lay out THAT massive lie about a virus…and how the lie has been used in all sorts of ways to cover up what amounts to war crimes. Present and future crimes.

When I made a list of those crimes, I was surprised by how long the list was. It just kept going and going. COVID was and is a “cluster operation.” It brings together all sorts of other covert ops.

Finally, I’ll sketch the original scientific hypothesis that first introduced the notion of viruses to the world—how and why that Big Lie started in the first place.

It’s mind-boggling, when you really look at how the insanity began.

It’s as if we’ve all been walking for more than hundred years wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas—and then we find out it hasn’t been raining at all.

Join me in this vital podcast.

-- Jon Rappoport

(Rappoport Podcasts, Episode 056)


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