From Dr Vernon Coleman

According to a report in the London Sunday Times, the British Medical Association is being transformed by a hard-line group of doctors led by an anonymous steering committee, which has seized power.

(It is surprising how many anonymous power brokers there are now in the world. I am not even allowed to access social media sites but from the little I have seen I suspect that the greatest influence comes from individuals who are anonymous.)

It is the hardliner BMA members who are leading the strikes which are resulting in thousands of cancer patients dying before their treatment can even start.

It is now commonplace for patients who are seeking emergency help to have to wait 24 hours in an accident and emergency department before they are seen – and even then they may be seen by a nurse or a student rather than a qualified doctor. The pressure on accident and emergency departments has risen dramatically since GPs stopped seeing patients outside office hours. And for a GP, remember, office hours now usually consist of a two or three day working week.

Doctors used to be independent. Sadly, they have now become slaves to a powerful system run by the medical establishment and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, doctors are happily leading us into the Great Reset.

I first warned about the unhealthy relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry in my book The Medicine Men which was first published in1975.

Doctors have, I regret to say, proved themselves to be as caring and as honourable as estate agents.

Taken from Vernon Coleman’s latest book `Truth Teller – The Price’ which is already widely banned.


Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023


Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay

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