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A long and excellently revealing read ... on topic check out also Dr Vernon Coleman's long time warnings on big pharma and their poisons ... especially Prozac ...

Why antidepressants fail many patients and a review of the forgotten

Story at a Glance:

•After the SSRIs were developed, their manufacturers realized the population needed to be convinced they were suffering from depression so as many people as possible would buy their drugs.
•The tricks the drug industry used to perform this were remarkable and have many parallels to how the predatory pharmaceutical industry pushes many other drugs on us.
•While a minority of patients (about a third) benefit from antidepressant therapy, the majority do not (termed “treatment resistant depression”), but unfortunately, until recently there have been minimal options available for these patients.
•Much of this results from depression being viewed as a single illness, rather than a myriad of conditions with somewhat overlapping symptoms.
•In this article I will discuss the most effective non-pharmaceutical approaches I and my colleagues have come across for treating depression.



How drug companies cheat, lie and deceive

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