Note: this data has now been removed from the freenz channel by order of the NZ Corporation (parading as a government). They don't want for you to see it. Ask yourself 'why'? Would you not be interested to know that more than 30 people jabbed in the same clinic on the same day have all since died? In a normal world that info would produce a public outcry. Instead we have censorship & silence ...you can read/watch more on topic however at this link ... TWNZ

Barry Young was a data analyst with the NZ MoH. He noticed when collating the data on the vaccinations NZ wide, an unusually high number of deaths post-covid injection.

He then took that info to many other top level data analysts globally, in private, who confirmed his concerns. He then sent that info to his senior management of MoH, to every politician including those in leadership, he mentions Winston Peters. He affirmed he was concerned & only interested in saving lives. The Corporation's response? Silence to his emails. No reply. They blocked his access to the system and set the wolves on him... by way of a nazi style raid on his home followed by an arrest and a charge in court. He is now out on bail. The man is a hero. You owe it to yourself to listen to all the info and judge for yourselves. By the way, Liz Gunn who helped blow all this open is now in a safe place in hiding for a week.

I am posting links here to all the info I have collated from the many news sources over the past week and shared at envirowatchnz.com At the time I began to work on this topic here at truthwatch, the site  went down, due to a hacker attacking the server of my hosting company OrangeWebsite.

The links are dated newest first at the top.


Barry Young - Court Case | Live Feed April 23rd

NZ Whistleblower Barry Young provides data on the young New Zealanders who have died post-CV Vax

Courage Under Fire (About NZ’s Data Analyst-Whistleblower)

NZ MoH Data Analyst-Whistleblower Barry Young with Former Front Line Snr Constable Dan Picknell discuss the Jab Fallout & What they Observed

NZ Data Whistleblower: Dr Oosterhuis who met with Barry Young discussing the data release

NZ Police Shown Clearly To Let Down People of New Zealand

Unprecedented Carnage Revealed in Te Whatu Ora’s Damaging Data Leak

The Whistle Blower Data: New Zealand’s MoH finally replied to one of Steve Kirsch’s email prompts

The NZ Police made changes to the sudden death reporting form in May 2021, relating specifically to the covid injection

 Every country in the world is hiding the record level data

 COVID Crackdown – NZ Update (Dr Sam Bailey)

The longer Govt, mainstream media & the medical community ignore the death data in plain sight, the clearer it is they are CORRUPT

I offered the NZ data to the CDC … they didn’t want to see it … Steve Kirsch

Maria Zeee discusses the NZ whistleblower’s data drop with Karen Kingston & Liz Gunn (2 videos)

What the Whistleblower Data Tells Us About the New Zealand Ministry of Health (Hatchard Report)

NZ Co Mega.io destroys Private Databases to prevent diffusion of Whistleblower’s Statistics

Why Did the Ministry of Health Whistleblower Publish the New Zealand Vaccine Health Data?

Korean studies indicate what the NZ government is hiding (Hatchard Report)

Health New Zealand: Where is your analysis of your data? Why aren’t you publishing it?

 Whistleblower & Steve Kirsch – the whole story mainstream won’t be telling you (MUST WATCH)

NZ Vaccine Data Whistleblower “Drops Truth Bombs” in First Interview Following His Release From Prison.

New Zealand Jab Data Whistleblower interviewed after being released from prison

NZ’s Vaccine Data Whistleblower Could Face up to 7 Years in Prison

NZ Whistleblower Case: NZDSOS Response to MOH Data Release

Liz Gunn further reports police are still surrounding the Whistleblowers’ home after several hours following the raid (Adding updates)

New Zealand Whistleblower who Shook the World has Been Raided by Police

Liz Gunn interviews UK’s Andrew Bridgen & the NZ Data Whistleblower ‘Winston Smith’ on NZ’s excess deaths (MUST WATCH!)

Data from US Medicare and the New Zealand Ministry of Health shows, beyond any doubt, that the COVID vaccines have killed millions

Is it ‘safe & effective’ if your chances of death are 1 in 3 or 4? A follow up from Liz Gunn & the data analyst … a must watch for every Kiwi


Understanding the Whistleblower Reaction: Did New Zealand’s Pfizer Contract Kill Our Democracy?

New Zealand Fudged The Data On How Kidneys Fare After COVID Vaccines & the Original Study is now Scrubbed from Internet

The Censored Study That Shows a Staggering 17 Million Deaths After Covid Vaccine Rollout

It’s time for criminal charges to be filed against NZ Ministry of Health officials


A REMINDER: a 2018 court case revealed there’s been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by Big Pharma over the past three decades

 Italian Health Minister Gave Orders To Conceal Vaccination Deaths – Now Under Investigation For Murder

Nothing that is happening is happening by accident

 Image by Davie Bicker from Pixabay

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