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Attorney discovers “smoking gun evidence” that covid injections are pre-meditated murder

Japanese doctors reconfirm what we track here: THOUSANDS of papers have reported crippling and/or deadly side effects of "vaccination"—an "unprecedented" crisis in the history of medicine

A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines

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Attorney discovers “smoking gun evidence” that covid injections are pre-meditated murder

American Attorney Thomas Renz reviewed the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) ‘Guidance for Industry’ documents and discovered what he believes is “smoking gun evidence” of pre-meditated murder.

“There’s no other conclusion that I can draw … This is the smoking gun evidence that proves they knew that the gene therapy products they masqueraded as ‘vaccines’ had the ability to shed, cause cancer and kill,” he said.

Thomas “Tom” Renz became well known early on during the covid era for leading federal lawsuits in six US states that challenged shutdowns, mask mandates and the safety of vaccines. He works through the law firm Renz Law and regularly publishes articles on his Substack page titled ‘Tom Renz’s Newsletter’.

In an article yesterday, Renz began by explaining that the covid vaccines are not vaccines. “It’s critical that people understand that the covid-19 injections are gene therapy,” he wrote.

He then led his readers through proof that US authorities knew that recipients of covid injections might shed onto others, including those who did not consent to being vaccinated.

Renz then demonstrated how they knew that these injections would cause cancer in 2006, as confirmed by a 2023 study on people with so-called “long covid.”

As if their criminality was not enough, Renz highlighted a science paper that showed their proposed solution to the problem they had created – the cancer caused by covid injections – is another gene therapy product whose recipients also have the potential to shed causing illness in others. 

“This shows conspiracy,” Renz concluded.

You can read Renz’s article, which we have paraphrased below, on Substack HERE.


2. From Dr Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack

Japanese doctors reconfirm what we track here: THOUSANDS of papers have reported crippling and/or deadly side effects of "vaccination"—an "unprecedented" crisis in the history of medicine

Also, a new European study of autopsies finds that "unexplained cardiovascular deaths in the vaccinated with no prior antecedent disease are likely caused by vaccination"

Those desperate to deny what’s going on—or paid to do so—like to claim that all those “sudden deaths” and crippling injuries worldwide prove nothing: that all such reports are merely “anecdotal,” with no “science” confirming what that overwhelming “anecdotal” evidence (which increases every hour of every day) has long since made quite obvious.

Those denialists (and, no doubt, bots) all saying it, however, doesn’t make it so. The science reconfirming what we’ve shown for some two years—we and many others out there—is, to say the least, abundant and precise, showing clearly that this man-made global plague is, as Dr. Fukushima put it, “affecting every possible aspect of human pathology—from ophthalmology to psychiatry."

More specifically, the psychiatric studies reconfirm that all those wild, barbaric “altercations” blowing up all over just these last few years are also likely side effects of “vaccination.” In that literature, “brain-related adverse events, [including] mental disorders, psychiatric symptoms, depression, mania, anxiety, came up in abundance, and it’s endless.”


3. From Steve Kirsch @ Substack

A summary of the evidence against the COVID vaccines

Here is a short list of reasons that everyone should be concerned about the COVID vaccine. This is not an exhaustive list.

  1. Doctors are told to trust the FDA and CDC when prescribing vaccines. All the post-marketing safety data is kept hidden by health authorities so not even doctors can look at the data themselves to find out if any vaccine is safe. Doctors thus have no choice but to trust the authorities since the data is kept secret. They are essentially told: “do what we tell you to do, do not question authority or we will take away your license.”

    • The CDC itself doesn’t have the data to make a post-marketing independent vaccine safety assessment and they are not interested in obtaining the data either! The CDC relies on the FDA who relies on the manufacturer to test the product. The CDC could ask states for vaccination records tied to death records, but they don’t want to even ask because if they did a safety analysis, it could be discovered in a FOIA request. The CDC basically has no interest whatsoever in verifying what the actual safety data is. When I offered to show them the NZ data before I published it (so they would finally have record level data), they declined to look at it.

    • Lack of transparency by health authorities. Not a single health authority anywhere in the world has ever released anonymized record-level patient data for independent researchers to assess the safety of any vaccine. There isn’t any paper in a peer-reviewed journal showing that health outcomes are improved if public health data is kept secret.

    • Lack of interest in data transparency by the medical community. Can you name a single high-profile pro-vaccine member of the medical community who has called for data transparency of public health data? Time-series cohort analyses can be easily produced by health authorities and published for everyone to see. These would show safety signals and do not jeopardize patient privacy. These are always kept hidden. The lone exception is the UK ONS, but they made their “buckets” so large that you cannot see the impact of the vaccine. When I asked them to redo their analysis with smaller buckets, they stopped responding to me.READ MORE AT THE LINK


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