child who is in pain, with an adult

From Mark Crispin Miller @ substack

How low can they go? Toronto Sick Kids Hospital casts children's heart attacks as NORMAL, even offering to "cure" them (with pricey gadgetry)

Propaganda having been deployed to kill and cripple countless children (and adults), the murderers are now deploying even MORE of it to cover up their crime (and make MORE money doing it)

First, check out this disgusting lie, which obviously cost a lot to make, what with its high production values:


Now check out this shot of the forbidden truth—a video that obviously cost much less than the abomination from Toronto; and yet it’s worth immeasurably more:

NEW RELEASE: "Shot Dead"


Deeply Personal Documentary of Family Shock, Loss, and Anger after Death by COVID-19 Vaccination


“I don’t understand how everybody is just sitting back, and letting them do this.”

November 15, 2023

Link to video is below, on Dr. McCullough’s Substack.


Photo: Screenshot

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