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Whilst the official globalist narrative of 'safe and effective' concerning the covid killer jab crumbles, events are moving fast and people are beginning attempts to hold to account those responsible. Witness Italy.

We're all living in the hope the recent exposure of corruption by Barry Young, NZ MoH Data Analyst will totally blow it all.

However meanwhile, the NZ corporation (parading as a democratic government) aside from a stunning silence on the whistleblower revelations, is maintaining the 'safe & effective' mantra while demonstrating the fate of those who depart from it... witness Young's treatment. They set the wolves on him with a nazi style raid, arrest and possible prison sentence of 7 years! It is clearly time for folk to waken and smell the coffee brewing. Those brewing it are not nice people. Your coffee, like the 'safe and effective' is laced with poison.

I've lapsed in posting here for a week or more as events race along. The post about Young's treatment is at this link and cites the relevant info from our sister site envirowatchnz. I continue to write and to post knowing that censorship is increasing witness the server attacks that happened with Young's revelations. Steve Kirsch describes the take down of his site and another who cites his work, at a cost of thousands of dollars. Follow Steve Kirsch on substack.

A good site to watch for updates too is Dr Vernon Coleman's. He has been warning folk since the '90s. He is a very awake MD who chose to be on the right side of history over his concerns for career and personal prosperity, exposing the corrupt medical establishment from way back. Severely censored he continues to write the truth.

More posts to follow soon.



Every country in the world is hiding the record level data

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