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Since last year (2022) I have been warning the public about the new class of "experts" that have arisen since COVID warning about the dangers of the COVID-19 injections, but who endorse and recommend all the other vaccines that have been approved by the FDA for the past 30+ years. The corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and the injection of toxic vaccines that cause injuries and deaths did not begin in 2020 with the COVID shots, and there are many of us who have been warning the public on these killer vaccines for decades now. I have also stated publicly that I am PROUD to be labeled as an "Anti-vaxxer"! Like evil and the Devil, there are just certain things it is good to always be against, because there is nothing good in them. Vaccines have never been proven safe nor effective - none of them.

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I have never met a doctor, when I bring up the Federation of State Medical Boards, who knows what I’m talking about … The medical councils of the world have been captured by the Federation. We should not be allowing a private corporation to be influencing medical councils like this. If we stand by and we let the Medical Council of New Zealand incorporate this into their policies and procedures, that will be the final gag on anything that a doctor says counter to the mainstream narrative.
~ Dr Bruce Dooley


Dr Dooley is an American trained private medical doctor who has been practicing in New Zealand for some years.  After receiving a Master’s degree in immunology and virology he attended medical school, where he learned very early on, of the grooming that the pharmaceutical industry engage in with doctors and medical students. He gave an explosive interview with Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media on 24 September 2022.

A Tale in History: Corruption of the Medical Council of New Zealand?

In the early 1900s most treatment processes were “natural medicine”, involving interventions aimed at maintaining a healthy terrain. Described well by Robert F Kennedy Jr in The Real Anthony Fauci, America had around 2,000 medical schools at that time, teaching a range of interventions. Oil magnate John D Rockefeller eliminated the majority of them, reducing the number to around 150, all of whom focused on allopathic medicine, which follows the pharmaceutical model using petroleum based medicine. This became known as “mainstream” whilst all other interventions were marginalised as “quack medicine”.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) is a private organisation founded in 1913, now based near Dallas in Texas and with a branch in Washington, DC. It is not known if Rockefeller was involved in its formation but the timing makes it seem plausible. An international arm based at the same Texas address, the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities, was established in 1994, of which the Medical Council of NZ is a member organisation.

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TWNZ note: for more in depth info and discussion on this topic read the work of Dr Sam Bailey (a NZ Doctor). She co-wrote the book Virus Mania (links etc on her site). This is quite a jump from what we have been told for many years regarding our health. In light of the current lying going on the info is a must read going forwards.

One of the outcomes of the alleged new SARS Covid virus that publicly emerged in 2019 is that the medical specialization of virology has been raised to a stature almost Godlike in the media. Few understand the origins of virology and its elevation into a leading role in today’s medicine practice. For this we need to look at the origins and politics of America’s first medical research institute, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, today Rockefeller University, and their work on what they claimed was a polio virus.

In 1907 an outbreak of a sickness in New York City gave the director of the Rockefeller Institute, Simon Flexner, MD, a golden opportunity to lay claim to discovery of an invisible “virus” caused by what was arbitrarily called poliomyelitis. The word poliomyelitis simply means inflammation of the spinal cord’s grey matter. There were some 2,500 New Yorkers, mostly children, designated with some form of poliomyelitis, including paralysis and even death, that year.

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hand_with_question_mark via (article from 2017): Through this elaborate network of collaborative partnerships, industry gained global control of vaccine safety assessments – which are applied as the single standard, used mostly to rule out a causal relationship between vaccination and serious adverse events following vaccination. These centrally controlled assessments are applied indiscriminately in all cases, disregarding individual human susceptibility factors.

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Of particular relevance here in 2022 and beyond ... be aware, this is not a criticism of MDs &/or the nursing profession per se, it is an exposé of the history of the medical industry & how natural healing was heisted last century. For two short intro reads to Mullins' extensive coverage, go to the related links at the end titled 'How Modern Medicine Became a Monopoly' and 'The History of the Pharma Cartel' ... TWNZ

Eustace Mullins
: (Excerpt) ... "The present work, the result of some forty years of investigative
research, is a logical progression from my previous books: the expose of the international control of monetary issue and banking practices in the United States; a later work revealing the secret network of organizations through which these alien forces wield political power—the secret committees, foundations, and political parties through which their hidden plans are implemented; and now; to the most vital issue of all, the manner in which these depredations affect the daily lives and health of American citizens. Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American—our nation's physicians."

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An article from 2018 ... and has anything changed? Clearly not in light of current CV VX injuries and literally thousands upon thousands dead (see left column of any page for official government stats world wide & in the case of NZ, the citizens' register compiled by the independent NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science ... NZDSOS). TWNZ

Cairns News published (excerpt):
"This means that the US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been lying to the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines; this may ultimately mean that continuing the existence — at least in their current form — of five US “healthcare” agencies are now in doubt: the CDC, the FDA, the IOM, the NIH and the “Health” part of DHHS itself;
this may also threaten the existence of state medical boards and exclusive medical guilds like the AMA".


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An excellent article that exposes the many lies we've been fed for a long time. If you doubt this explore this site: in particular the video section on big oil:  There you will see who has been controlling the world's resources. James Corbett exposes much corruption in his well referenced work. This article featured here is from See related articles below also. TWNZ

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All of these token fines are a slap on the wrist for these behemoths. Corporations rule remember. And the public of NZ can’t wait to get jabbed. No questions asked. TWNZ


The world’s biggest drugmaker was slapped with the huge fines by the U.S. government after being deemed a repeat offender in pitching drugs to patients and doctors for unapproved uses.

Pfizer Inc agreed on Wednesday to plead guilty to a U.S. criminal charge relating to promotion of its now-withdrawn Bextra pain medicine and will pay a record $2.3 billion to settle allegations it improperly marketed 13 medicines.


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