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From Karen Kingston @ Substack

In Pfizer's baby and toddler study, there was a subgroup of 344 babies. Only 3 babies (less than 1%) made it to the end of the study. Pfizer's mRNA injections are not safe for babies. They're lethal.

May 6, 2024: In July of 2022 I began reporting on my analysis of Pfizer’s Phase-3 trial data of babies and toddlers from the ages of 6 months to 4 years old. I don’t understand how any human being with a soul could have carried out these criminal experiments on innocent babies and toddlers.


Pfizer’s FDA submitted data documented that the some of the babies and toddlers experienced fevers of greater than 104 degrees Fahrenheit, seizures (with eye rolling), convulsions, and seizures lasting more than 5 minutes and multiple seizures a day -sometimes a dozen or more, brain damage confirmed by an EEG, hypotonia (limp ‘lifeless-like’ baby), and lissencephaly (“genetically-induced” brain malformation characterized by the absence of convolutions/folds) in babies and toddlers injected with mRNA nanoparticles.

This was mass murder of babies and toddlers under the guise of an “FDA clinical trial.” Pfizer operated outside of their contract and outside of the laws that regulate the US biologics industry. Pfizer is not protected by any US laws for the crimes they have committed, regardless of what many have been told.

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TWNZ COMMENT: I wonder what those parents were told. What ever were they expecting? Did they really imagine the risks were minimal? How well the public has been duped!

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