NZ stats for deaths under 40YO


Note: this data has now been removed from the freenz channel by order of the NZ Corporation (parading as a government). They don't want for you to see it. Ask yourself 'why'? Would you not be interested to know that more than 30 people jabbed in the same clinic on the same day have all since died? In a normal world that info would produce a public outcry. Instead we have censorship & silence can read/watch more on topic however at this link ... TWNZ

Whistleblower Barry Young provides his data on the young New Zealanders, aged 40 and under, who died between the nationwide rollout of the covid vaccination in 2021, and who were registered as having had at least one dose of Covid vaccination before November 2023. (Short Clip … Be sure to scroll to the full length video... and do read the comments).


To the parents of the little ones listed there who were cut off from the tender age of 5 years old … my deep condolences. I can’t begin to imagine your grief.


They want to kill you – Here’s how they’ll do it – Dr Vernon Coleman

They Are Censoring & Silencing Us – (Liz Gunn important followup)

Censorship by Official Means:
Former TVNZ News Anchor Threatened with Jail, Property Seizure and a $40K Fine — Podcasts an SOS Appeal for Support after Her Vaccine Data Whistleblower Exposé

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