Dr Leonard Coldwell meme with text about gardasil injection

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Before you submit your teen to this jab ... a must read.

Kiwis, note the deaths of 3 NZ girls. Note below also, the coercion that clearly can occur in your absence.

"40 deaths out of 29,323 study participants is 1 death for every 733 subjects.  Merck wants you to believe this is normal and “consistent” with what is “expected in healthy adolescent and adult populations.”  In what universe does 1 out of every 733 healthy adolescents and young adults suddenly drop dead?  (So much for that “1 in a Million” has a serious adverse reaction crap.)"



Gardasil Awareness NZ

Type 'gardasil' in the search box here

HPV Vaccine (Gardasil and Cervarix) VAERS Reports - Injury and Death Continue to Climb

How the safety and efficacy research was done for Gardasil – Dr Suzanne Humphries

 Sacrificial Virgins – a doco about the HPV Gardasil vaccine – SHOCKING

A Counties Manukau school child was pressured yesterday by a health nurse to vaccinate when her parents had already said ‘no’

Children of NZ parents who had declined the HPV vax were taken aside at school, told their parents didn’t love them and coerced for their consent

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