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Professor John Gibson, from the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, published an article, titled ‘Best in Show?’ which explores the temporal relationship between covid vaccinations and excess all cause mortality using statistical analysis. He writes a balanced, logical and well informed article. Professor Gibson is an academic from the School of Accounting, Finance and Economics at Waikato University. He has also previously held the position of Chair of Economics at Canterbury University and taught economics at Williams College in the United States of America. We thank him for his work.

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… as a global avalanche of adverse effects gathered momentum.

Three days ago Ardern spoke in New York about New Zealand’s early cooperation with the global push for universal mRNA vaccination:

“I’ve had a number of bilateral conversations. The first was with the lead of GAVI—the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation [probably its CEO Dr. Seth Berkley], the vaccine alliance in which NZ had played a key role in making sure that we had early contributions. He requested to have that meeting and it really struck me that first and foremost he wanted to thank NZ for its support but also to have a conversation around how do we make sure that we don’t lose any of the global momentum around making sure that children in particular are vaccinated.…”

Just what sort of contributions did New Zealand make? We have already discussed some of these in our article The Strange Case of the Gates Foundation, the US CDC, and Our NZ Health Data but international cooperation and national blackouts on information gathering went deeper.

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Brenton Faithfull is a Funeral Director and a Justice of the Peace. He is well aware of the importance of the truth. He told Dr Shelton that in the past year, 95% of the dead that he has buried, had their covid injections within two weeks of their death. He confirmed the finding of abnormal blood clots in these Kiwis, as has been found internationally. NZDSOS thanks Brendon for his courage in speaking out.



Already MSM has launched a hit against this man. See here their propaganda piece. This is typical of MS who are in the pockets of the corporation parading as a government. Remember, Jacinda Ardern provided them with a large financial incentive ... MSM only prints the govt narrative. Controlling a narrative is not the behaviour of a democratic government. Ponder on that.

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Jacinda Ardern NZ PM

This is not a new idea. Ardern has been saying for a good while now, since the plandemic in particular, that she and her government are our single source of truth.

She is serious about that. At one point she even told Kiwis not to speak to their neighbours. This all of course flies in the face of community and caring and looks not unlike fascism … parading under the guise of protecting our physical health. No problem however with the rise in numbers of child suicides. That has been sorted however by changing the definition of suicide to ‘accidental death’. And no move towards investigating the rise in NZ’s all cause mortality rate or any possible correlation it may have with the jab rollout. Apart from a recent admission by NZ’s vaccine expert Helen Petousis Harris, that they perhaps didn’t warn us well enough of a possible Myocarditis risk. This also followed a coroner’s ruling that a New Zealander’s death one year ago was caused by the jab. That has been followed by a Bill in Parliament as I write, to tweak the requirements around coroners’ investigations as to ’cause of death’. They are overwhelmed it seems by the sheer numbers of deaths so appear to be attempting to fast track the process.

So Ardern, who is one of Schwab’s global leaders remember, speaks of a need to double down globally on censorship. The perceived need is to censor ‘disinformation’. Could that disinfo include uncomfortable truths like the plight of those who fell ill or died post jab? There were many of those there at the Parliament protest earlier in 2022, totally ignored … ‘kind’ Ardern declined to speak with any of them. Not one, and there were even Medical Doctors there speaking out. She did eventually show her face however, once the protest was disbanded.

It is a global reset the WEF want. By all appearances a dystopian world couched in the kindly terms of ‘being happy’ … but ‘owning nothing’.

Difficult to fathom really isn’t it? That they would actually expect us to see this as a good thing? Even Italy’s PM is resisting.

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Helen Petoussis-Harris

Sean Plunket interviews Petousis Harris on the rollout of the injection including possible adverse events in terms of warning the public.

Q … “Do you think the new risk [of Myocarditis] was adequately conveyed to the public and to medical practitioners who were administering the vaccine?”

Reply … “No, I don’t”

This is really interesting because at the rollout of the injection, the FDA had already placed on their website a long list of possible side effects, very few of which were listed on the NZ Health site, indeed when posted to social media this FDA list was removed. See this article on topic

The CV Jab: Compare possible side effects listed by the NZ Govt with those listed by the FDA

Listen at the links. The first is the Facebook version which does include interesting comment by the public…

The second is uploaded at the Coronavirus Plushie video channel at who comment “This video was quickly deleted from the Platform’s You Tube channel, but its still on their Facebook here (above link provided).

RELATED … (more on Petousis Harris’s role in the article): The Strange Case of the Gates Foundation, the US CDC, and Our NZ Health Data (How NZ cooperated with a global biotech vaccine experiment)

Photo: Screenshot, TV1 Interview

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The record rates of excess all-cause mortality in highly vaccinated countries including New Zealand show that a disaster has expanded silently and spread rapidly fanned by biotechnology lobbying and government sponsored pandemic policies. How did this happen? (If you have heretofore closed your eyes and ears, mind or heart to the accumulating scientific evidence of Covid vaccine harm published in journals, but now you wish to catch up, you can reference this succinct review on substack).

The Gates Foundation, the CDC, and our NZ health data

On Tuesday 2nd November 2021, almost a year ago, there was a meeting of the New Zealand Covid-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (CV-TAG) upon which the government relies for pandemic advice. The Chair of the group is Dr. Ian Town, Chief Science Advisor to the government. “There were nine members present including Dr. Petousis-Harris, a vaccinologist at the University of Auckland who also advises Pfizer (an obvious conflict of interest), plus eight officials from the Ministry of Health, and four other guests.”

Sitting in on the meeting as a guest was Mr. John Tait, an obstetrician, the interim director and Chief Medical Officer of Te Whata Ora—Health New Zealand which was soon to take over the entire health system of New Zealand, taking it out of the diversified control of District Health Boards and into the direct control of the Government.

The meeting was taking place just a few days after Jacinda Ardern with the full support of the Covid-19 Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (19 October minutes point 3.0) announced sweeping Covid vaccine mandates affecting private and public sectors with the intention of 100% compliance (it would eventually reach close to 95% of the eligible population, among the highest in the world). Ardern would soon publicly admit that the aim was to make life very difficult for anyone who refused vaccination.

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nz_beehive at Parliament


Note: should you decide to make a submission you can download a template at the bottom of this page.

Submissions invited from the public by 28th September, not long to go. This of course comes right at the same time as all cause mortality has hit a record high & is clearly causing overload on the system. It has also come right after a coroner's ruling that Dunedin plumber Rory Nairn had died from myocarditis caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. Rory's parents believe their son was failed by NZ's health authorities.

This proposed Bill will fast track the process and give excessive powers of decision making around that to the coroner. At a time when deaths have increased that would surely be a time to be slowing down the process by employing more staff, not abbreviating such an important task … correctly ascertaining the cause of death no matter how long it takes … a task of providing an avenue of justice to grieving families.

Are we seeing any investigation into these excess deaths?
No… and why not?

All that we are hearing is that this death rate that did not exist before the jab rollout, has nothing to do with the rollout. Pure coincidence. Case closed. These unexplained deaths have even been given a title (for the more gullible to swallow): SADs they are called. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Does anybody smell a proverbial rat with this? Surely?

RELATED: Suddenly Dead Kiwis – Please Explain

Here is an excerpt from the government website page:

“The Justice Committee has called for public submissions on the Coroners Amendment Bill. The bill seeks to facilitate better access to justice for families interacting with the coronial system by making amendments to the Coroners Act 2006. The bill aims to reduce the distress caused to grieving families by reducing the time spent waiting for coronial findings.

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The continuous bad news and growing body of emerging data on the risk of myocarditis after the mRNA ‘vaccine’ is literally heartbreak for the children and their parents or caregivers and also for the adults who trusted in the ‘safe and effective’ narrative but now find they have a condition which can range from mild to severe. Due to the fact that the ‘vaccine’ is new technology, no one is certain of the long-term outcomes for those who suffer from this side effect.

Myocarditis is a condition in which the heart muscle cells become inflamed and do not function properly. Some cells may become sufficiently inflamed that they die and are replaced by scar tissue. If too many heart muscle cells become damaged or swollen, the heart may not be able to pump efficiently. The inflammation in the heart could also affect electrical pathways and may cause the heart to beat in abnormal (and potentially dangerous) rhythms. Some people who suffer with Myocarditis may end up needing a heart transplant.

As the nation awaits the findings of the vaccine induced death in the case of 26 year old Rory Nairn, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) is more than curious to know what recommendations the coroner will make to the government. A spokesperson for NZDSOS says myocarditis “has happened before and has kept happening since Rory died, it will keep happening until people start telling the truth and stop censoring the messengers”.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science has written extensively to the Prime Minister, MPs, the Ministry of Health, Chris James and all relevant responsible government agencies drawing attention to the potentially serious side effects from the ‘vaccine’. While they are aware of the risks they clearly have not caught up with the emerging science and data findings to take greater caution and honour the Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. We sincerely hope for all those affected by this condition and for the sake of the health of our children that Medsafe immediately halt the vaccines for those under the age of 18 years as Denmark has done and as the UK has for those under the age of 12 years.

DOWNLOAD: NZDSOS-media-release-Kids-heartbreak

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" Jacinda ducks the question & changes the subject when questioned on NZ's record high rates of excess deaths"

Leading scientists sound the alarm on Covid vaccine safety.

Covid restrictions are largely coming to an end in New Zealand. Thank you for some sanity. Never before have novel medical concepts been so intertwined with naive political allegiances and never before have careerist medical professionals been able to exercise total control over politicians. Good riddance.

Does this draw the curtains on the pandemic and have we learnt the right lessons? Not yet.

Boosters and Excess Deaths

When Jacinda Ardern announced the end of restrictions yesterday at a press briefing she was asked about our record high rates of excess deaths, but she ducked the question and changed the subject. Mainstream media needs to push harder on this line of questioning and Jacinda is not the only person they should be asking.

She was also asked by some worried and fawning journalist when we would all be able to get our next booster. Her lightning reply showed just how much the truth is beginning to dawn: “there will be very few needing to go that way”.

The double speak on boosters, even in scientific journals, is wonderfully scary to behold. A research letter published September 8 2022 in JAMA Network Open illustrates the point. A study of risk factors for death after Omicron Covid-19 infection found that the elderly were most at risk to die after receiving a booster. The double speak comes in the conclusion: the elderly should be prioritised for further booster doses. I don’t need to explain how distressing and sad this is, do I?

The author’s analysis of UK ONS data on 19 million people only covered deaths attributed to Covid, it didn’t cover all cause deaths. A look at the same ONS data shows unequivocally that boosting is a risk factor not just for Covid death but substantially for any death. 50% of people are boosted in the UK but they account for 86% of all cause deaths. Boosting is a double whammy.

No wonder Jacinda said very few will need another booster, she knows. I wrote to her a few weeks ago with the statistics and her office replied in double quick time—we’ve asked Ayesha Verril to look into it. The penny has dropped, but it is probably too early for governments to publicly admit they have been duped by biotech vaccine fanatics intent on maintaining the government funding gravy train.

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hospital patient in bed

From the Health Forum NZ

These stories are featured on the Health Forum NZ's website.Yes these stories are real. There are Vax injured here but mainstream media never mentions them and it would appear, prefers you don't learn about them. Why else do we have a deafening silence from them? Why else are they working hard at vilifying anybody or any group that tries to air them?

Thanks to Lynda Wharton she and her team have done the interviews and recorded the facts. Do share these so others will know who have still perhaps not taken the jab. You will not get fully informed consent here in NZ. Any spreading of the very many possible side effects (including death) as listed on the FDA's website at the outset of the plandemic, those were removed from Facebook smartly. Mainstream media never mentions them ... they are far more serious than a sore arm and a temperature. TWN



Lynda Wharton: Please don’t ever forget them

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grave stone titled dead

From CoronavirusPlushie @


Grant Dixon's statement at the end of the video:

"This makes a lie of the government's repeated statements saying that the vaccinations prevent you from being hospitalised and dying. They may not prevent you from getting Covid, and that's for sure, because most people who are getting Covid are vaccinated. But this also shows that it's a lie that people are prevented from going to hospital and are prevented from dying. These government provided facts show that 75% of the people who are dying are vaccinated in some way. And almost 40% of people who are dying are boosted for goodness sake. And 60% are either boosted or double vaccinated.

This is terrible, and this is a tragedy, it shouldn't be happening, and it's time for the government to own up and admit the facts and stop pretending that this isn't the case. This whole vaccine programme has been a disaster. It's a disaster here in New Zealand, and it's a disaster all around the world. It's about time the government owned up and admitted that things are not as they said they were, that the vaccine programme has been a disaster and the vaccine programme appears to be causing people to die as well, not just from covid, but from other diseases as well. There's a whole lot of unanswered questions here and the answers need to be given. It's time to own up. It's time to change the direction of this ship. It's time to confess that they made it wrong and they need to put it right and own up that this vaccine programme is damaging and hurting a lot of people here in New Zealand and around the world."

Source, Grant Dixon, You Tube:


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New Zealanders, please ask yourselves about the suddenly dead Kiwis – Is this normal? Is this acceptable? New Zealand is not the only nation living through the highly unusual phenomenon and recent evidence confirms a link with Covid-19 injectables.

We have posted numerous articles on Sudden Adult (and child) Death Syndrome (SADS) and sent lists of recently-jabbed-then-dead Kiwis to police and Medsafe. They have utterly failed to investigate or act. 

Whether Kiwis realise or not, we are all part of a phase 4 clinical trial (also known as post marketing surveillance) for the Pfizer vaccine (novel gene therapy).  This was aptly stated by the former Australian Health minister Greg Hunt.

During post marketing surveillance, any new medical condition or death of a person who has received the vaccine, should be investigated and should be assumed to be due to the vaccine until proven conclusively otherwise.

However, our regulatory authorities appear to be approaching pharmacovigilance backwards – expecting proof beyond reasonable doubt about suddenly dead individuals that the vaccine caused the death or the new medical condition.  From what we have been told, in many cases of death or new medical condition, the vaccine status of the person is not even considered.  In fact, even 6 months after the vaccine rollout commenced NZ coroners did not have access to the immunisation records of the deceased.

This is a new type of medical treatment (a gene therapy), never before used in healthy people and still in an ongoing phase 3 clinical trial (as well as phase 4).  There are many unknowns and as much information as possible about human outcomes should be being gathered.

We have collated a list of suddenly dead New Zealanders, mostly from media reports in public newspapers​​​​​​​, who have died over the last 18 months, many of them young and involved in sports.

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Helen Petoussis-Harris


A small time ago I found an item on “vaccine expert”, Helen Petousis- Harris. Unfortunately I was busy at the time and have not been able to find it again. New Zealand is dominated by three “experts” – Petoussis-Harris, Siouxie Wiles and Prof, Michael Baker. See what dominates the search engines. These people can do no wrong.

And yet, these people are serial liars to the extent that I wonder if a true word ever passes this lips.



“SARS & MERS were set up to kill a lot more people” said the NZ vaccinologist … was that a Freudian slip?

Another mainstream interview from NZ’s ‘vaccinologist’ telling us (again) very little of any substance about the adverse reactions


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Dr Sharma

We empathise with our medical colleague Dr. Sharma, a brave man with integrity who is now suffering the wrath of the government and its leader. This week Dr. Gaurav Sharma, GP and Labour MP was expelled from the caucus after exhausting all avenues to have his claims of bullying investigated, instead he has been stonewalled at attempts to be heard or acknowledged and believes the Prime Minister is creating a coverup culture.

Dr. Sharma’s increasing frustration and concerns for the past 18 months and his request for an investigation into bullying claims have clearly placed him at the epicentre of the problem. In reality, what has now happened is that he has been turned into the problem and not the issues in which he was attempting to raise awareness and request dialogue for.

Sound familiar?! Remember, we are continually told there is no problem, only the person, individuals, or groups who raise issues and dare suggest there is a problem who become the problem. This is a typical situation of turning the tables upside down, in an attempt to reverse the situation and gain the upper hand. In other words, these perceived trouble makers who rock the boat, ask awkward questions, embarrass their leader, and heaven forbid dare speak out on things that should remain unspoken regardless if they have legitimate claims, are labelled troublemakers simply because they deviate from the ‘team’ narrative.

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child statue in cemetery

From the NZDSOS Doctors

Note the children who have passed, cited in the article (names changed) ... this is all so very wrong and it isn't stopping!! TWNZ

The words “sudden” and “unexpected” in the nation’s obituary pages continue to assault the eye and the heart. Despite the New Zealand Herald’s risible attempt to suggest otherwise, we have put out much work to show that an excess of people young and old are being crushed to death by an elephant in a room – the jabs. ​​​​​​​

We are living through an apparent crime – doggedly uninvestigated by Police and Medsafe as documented at – so monstrous that it defies belief. Except that we know propaganda works. People have been relentlessly lied to. We are truly sick of it, and many others are waking up and sniffing the air too. Change is in the wind, and not before time. Information is power, and we present some more anonymised deaths below, in addition to those already listed in our prior article Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination.

Whilst state funded media would have the country – and the world – believe that sudden death of the young and fit, and/or otherwise healthy is a normal occurrence, it is in fact a highly unusual occurrence which began happening last year at alarming rates.

The Cardiac Inherited Diseases Group state that around 90 New Zealanders between one year to 40 years of age, experience sudden death each year. About a third are unexplained.  A registry was developed in 2008 by Waikato Clinical School at Auckland University with the aim  to “detect and protect young people at risk from SADS”. 

Reading the above Herald article and researching the cases featured, shows most are not exactly young and otherwise healthy, compared to the literally hundreds of young New Zealanders dead since the rollouts.  The sudden deaths we are talking about are part of a horrendous rise in all-cause mortality seen in heavily vaccinated countries, including ours.


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two men suspended painting wall

With a database of over 160 names and cases, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has submitted to the New Zealand Police and now to Medsafe, a list of young people who passed away shortly after their Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine.

Reports from multiple healthcare workers have unveiled a wall of silence within District Health Boards, regarding the lack of reporting and extent of injuries and fatalities in young healthy people from clots, bleeds and sudden death, all of who have no other risk factors.

This conveniently attempts to cover up a very large elephant in the room, could these be death-by-injection? Since submitting an article to public record, NZDSOS’s powerful research has been published outlining how the risks of the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine in younger people far outweigh any benefit.

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hand holding written notes saying falsity and truth

From Voices for Freedom:

"...what on earth are they keeping from us? It sounds like the Ombudsman is wondering that too. I hear he has sent a "please explain" letter directly to Our Dear Leader"

TWNZ comment:

Ponder on that headline ... this is Voices for Freedom's latest email update and summarizes recent happenings with your beloved 'one source of truth' ... a 'truth source' that holds workshops on how to dodge OIA requests? It's worse than we thought! Perhaps it's timely to add in here a meme that's circulating fb at the moment:

free speech

Voices for Freedom featured majorly recently in a MSM hit piece that actually backfired and upped VFF's subs by 400%! I think people are waking up fast! (Read VFF's update below).

Call me naive, but I didn't expect the Labour Party to go so far as to hold workshops on how to dodge Official Information Act requests.

As I reflected on his disclosure, I thought about two other very recent revelations:
The government cannot prove that the jab provides life-long protection. Because, as is apparent to any thinking person looking at the actual data, it doesn't.
2. A prospective study out of Thailand,recently released as a preprint, found cardiovascular effects in 29.24% of the participants aged 13–18 years, ranging from tachycardia, palpitation, and myopericarditis. 
Of course, Kiwi "experts" will tell you that heart issues (like the acknowledged connection with the jab and myocarditis) are mostly "mild" and resolve quickly. But, as we've heard from experts like Dr Peter McCullough (remember, he is the most published cardiologist in the US), the concept of mild myocarditis is preposterous. 

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TWNZ comment: this interview is at this time not visible at The Platform. I will share a link when (or IF) it becomes available. Search their website and you may still find the first interview Rodney did with Lynda Wharton of Health Forum NZ. (I viewed it on The Platform's fb page).

New Zealanders’ lives are completely destroyed by these injections, by the mandates and by the gaslighting. Those with vaccine injury are broken. And they are abandoned. By our government and by our country.

Lynda Wharton, the health forum new zealand

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury in New Zealand

Hosted by Rodney Hide, The Platform made history yesterday by giving a voice to a handful of the many New Zealanders now impacted by Covid-19 vaccine injury in a three hour live podcast.

Lynda Wharton from The Health Forum New Zealand was introduced to an audience who may not have heard of her despite the past year in which she has worked tirelessly creating a space for those living with vaccine injury to meet each other, receive support and find advocacy. Lynda has degrees in Psychology, Acupuncture and Naturopathy. She has been a health researcher and writer, including columns in mainstream publications such as New Zealand Women’s Weekly and The Sunday Herald.

A year ago Lynda established The Health Forum NZ as a social media group for people to discuss and question the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections. Soon after New Zealanders began experiencing severe vaccine injury and in their search for support, many found The Health Forum NZ. Since then thousands have shared their stories. A Citizens’ Database was started to document adverse events, in which hundreds of stories are now recorded including vaccine injury and mandates. Lynda envisages that this data could be useful for future legal cases.

Ten New Zealanders impacted by vaccine injury spoke to Rodney, as well as Dr Cindy de Villiers and Dr Alison Goodwin from NZDSOS. A brief synopsis of the podcast as noted by one of our writers is documented here as we attempt to share what we know is happening, with the many New Zealanders who remain unaware due to government sponsored silencing and censorship. We are all incredibly grateful to The Platform for giving a voice to the voiceless at this critical juncture in New Zealand history.

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stats keyboard nzdsos

From the NZ Doctors Speaking out with Science (NZDSOS)

Analysis of Covid-19 attributed deaths … shows convincingly here in Aotearoa that getting boosted is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of death from Covid-19. Very consistent with the international evidence. Ashley Bloomfield lying with statistics

In his 307th and final pandemic press conference on 27 July 2022, Dr Bloomfield also stated that “People not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, that is, they’ve had less than two doses, are six times more likely to die if they catch Covid-19 compared with someone if they’ve had at least one booster dose“.

Multiple governments including our own appear to be lying with statistics in lockstep. A room full of ‘accredited journalists’ may accept Dr Bloomfield as their single ‘source of truth’. Away from the podium however, an ever-increasing number of informed citizens are looking beyond government claims about the Covid-19 narrative as multiple analysts present available data in accessible forms for public review.



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Nelson Hospital


TWNZ comment: Thanks to these two women who describe what they saw in the Nelson ED following the rollout of the experimental covid jab. Basically the complete denial by medical professionals of any possible link between the injection and their symptoms of difficulty breathing and chest pains among other things. Frequently attributed to 'anxiety'. They also describe the sheer volume in numbers presenting. (Be sure to read the comments at the link).

"Resistance Kiwi interviewed two staff members from Nelson Hospital Emergency Department who speak out about their experiences following the NZ Government’s rollout of the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

Joanne and Fiona were both mandated out of their roles as ED admin staff after they decided not to take the Pfizer vaccine having witnessed a large number of, what they considered, abnormal events related to the vaccine."

Watch the video at the link:


Photo: google maps screenshot

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3 men re hear see and speak no evil

The Director General of the Danish Health Authority, who last week halted Covid-19 vaccination for under 18 year olds citing absence of any evidence of benefit, has been giving interviews.

He acknowledged that the prescription of Covid vaccines for young people had been a mistake and said they never would have approved them if they had known then what they know today.

Thai Study Finds High Levels of Cardiac Risk Among Adolescents

It is possible that the Danish Ministry of Health and other health authorities around the world, including ours, were aware of risks.

Certainly, they could have been fully aware of the dangers if they had undertaken their own appropriate investigation and made unbiased assessments early on.

A study of adolescents undertaken in Thailand and published last week illustrates what could have been done.

Cardiovascular Effects of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine in Adolescents

The study examined the cardiovascular effects on 300 students aged 13 years to 18 years receiving their second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine injection. Data being collected included demographics, symptoms, vital signs, ECG, echocardiography and cardiac enzymes. These were collected at baseline, Day 3, Day 7, and Day 14 using case record forms.

Although it is admitted that myopericarditis can be a side effect of mRNA vaccination, our Ministry of Health advised DHBs that it is rare and estimated that it may only affect 3 in every 100,000 recipients.

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man in car observing fresh graves in cemetery


TWNZ update 18/8/22: June was exceptionally busy according to one Oamaru Funeral Director. See below. A link at the end of article here refers to an update from seemorerocks saying council has cited 'weather' as the reason... but doesn't explain how:

funeral directors oamaru

Those 94 graves appeared in just 12 months. Are you watching these scenarios in your town? Please do comment here &/or at seemorerocks. I personally am hearing similar from friends and family. It is all getting harder to deny ... the death rate. The carnage. It is very sad... and very serious. This is, as has been pointed out frequently elsewhere, DEMOCIDE. Take care and listen to the independent health professionals who sounded the alarm on this long before it was ever rolled out. Read the archives at the site, search the independent video channels (Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute etc). There are MDs galore there sounding the alarm ... all silenced by their respective complicit governments. Complicit with the WHO, WEF agenda.  TWNZ


Oamaru is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand with a population of 13,000

How can a town that size have 94 freshly-dug graves that don’t even have headstones yet?


It has been. pointed out that this is only burials and not cremations. 

You would have to be a special sort of person not to have noticed how many, mainly elderly, folk are dying.

Just in our own circle we are overwhelmed by reports of deaths and people saying that they have lost a lot of their clientele over recent months.

Several months ago a friend of ours, a gravedigger was reporting that he had seem a huge increase in the number of people he was burying.

He was sacked for refusing to have the jab.



Oamaru Council: 90 graves “because of bad weather”




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man at cemetery with flowers

Hatchard Report

The Dead Do Not Have a Voice, but They Are Entitled to Justice

Last week a school child died of a sudden medical event in New Zealand while running, and 12 thousand miles away, the 24 year old captain of a hurling team in Ireland collapsed mid game and died soon after.

The New Zealand school principal said:

This is absolutely tragic, it’s devastating. We’ve got very sad students and staff, and we are doing everything we can to support them.

In Ireland, the president called the death an “inestimable loss” to his loved ones and the local community. The Taoiseach (Irish PM) also expressed his sympathies, saying that he was “shocked and saddened” to hear about the hurler’s passing.

They join a very long and growing list of apparently healthy people, young and old, who have died suddenly and unexpectedly over the last 18 months.

Three years ago, this would have been unusual, and much commented upon, but today few are asking questions. The articles in Stuff and the BBC disappeared off the front pages within a very short time.

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ashley bloomfield and deaf signing woman

From the Hatchard Report

Video2 Ashley Bloomfield Uses Falsified Data to Push Boosters Which Are Killing People Hatchard Report

EXCERPT: "Official numbers from the UK Health Security Agency ... triple vaccinated who are dead within 28 days: 1,557 ... everybody else dead within 28 days, 577... so the triple vaccinated are dying within 28 days at a rate approximately three times higher than the rest of the population" GBNEWS.UK

"People not fully vaccinated against Covid-19, that is they've had less than two doses, are six times more likely to die if they catch Covid-19 compared with someone who has had at least one booster dose" Ashley Bloomfield

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grave stone titled dead


A study based on weekly government data in New Zealand – one of the world’s most vaccinated nations – found that the age groups most likely to have had COVID booster shots had up to 10% more excess deaths.

Excess mortality is the number of deaths from all causes above what would be typically expected in one year.

Authored by John Gibson, an economics professor at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand, the study found there were 16 excess deaths per 100,000 booster doses in the country, amounting to more than 400 excess deaths, reported the website The Expose.

Gibson said that if extrapolated, it amounted to 300,000 excess deaths worldwide.

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hospital patient in bed


Acute presentations at ED [NZ] are increasing, but what are they ill with? We aren’t being told and may never be if our health czars are allowed to continue to deny access to information...

Excess all-cause mortality in New Zealand is running at record levels. About 100 people are dying each day in New Zealand (pop. 5 million).

A few times during the last couple of months, we have asked a key question: what are people dying of?

Ministry of Health data records that about 7 people are dying each day with Covid, but only about a maximum of 3 of these per day because of Covid. That is just 3% of deaths.

Occupancy of ICU beds with Covid hovers around 3-5%. Therefore it is not Covid that is overwhelming our hospitals, so what is?

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emergency hospital entrance

From Voices for Freedom

How is it that the health system is so overwhelmed when we haven't even reached 2019 levels of flu yet?

🤔 What ELSE could be filling up those hospital beds?

🤔 Or, could it be that staff absenteeism is so high that the staff-to-bed ratio has tanked?

🤔 All made worse by lower staffing levels due to health mandates?

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person with paper bag on head and related info

From Voices for Freedom, Alia Bland. Information that has to make you think of course... what are they hiding? (There is a call at the link for action you can take) TWNZ


The data they don't want you to see

Alia Bland

"Dangerous, misinformation-spreading loons.""

Our organisation is regularly on the receiving end of these kinds of labels.

But what happens when the information we are "spreading" is their own?

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Dr Matt Shelton and Paul Brennan on the Platform

Paul Brennan (interviewer) has seen 3 friends die post jab. A sure spark for the convo MSM is not having about this elephant in the room. Hear from the coal face what is and has been really happening with this so called 'safe & effective' medical treatment (that really isn't). TWNZ

Paul Brennan speaks with Dr Matthew Shelton on vaccines and The Medical Council of New Zealand.



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jacinda-ardern masked being vaccinated

New Zealand: A Study Finds a 10% Rise in Excess Mortality in Age Groups Who Have Had Booster Covid Injections

the Expose, 7 July, 2022

Using weekly data on excess mortality in New Zealand, a study published last week set out to analyse the impacts of rolling out booster doses of Covid injections. It found that age groups most likely to have had booster Covid injections had 7-10% more excess mortality than the age groups most likely not to have taken up a booster dose.

“The results suggest 16 (95% CI: 5 to 27) excess deaths per 100,000 booster doses, amounting to over 400 excess deaths in New Zealand given the booster doses administered to date. If this rate of excess deaths is extrapolated to other countries, it amounts to over 300,000 excess deaths worldwide,” Professor John Gibson, the study’s author, wrote.

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tomb stone wording dead


A total of 470 people have now been added to the Citizen’s Database. The database, which is maintained by Health Forum NZ has been sent to the police, but the public version has had identifying details of the dead removed.

“Prior versions of the complete database of deaths just after vaccination have been shown to Medsafe already,” says a spokesperson for NZDSOS. “They dismissed it.”

“As practicing doctors with many years at the heart of our communities, we can state categorically that the deaths we list, of predominantly younger people immediately or shortly after their shots, are due to the jabs until proven otherwise.”

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stethescope and documents

Liz Gunn interviews Dr Ratna who enlightened us some time back about payouts to parents of deceased (post-jab) children. They discuss the whys and wherefores, then proceed to cover the current NZ (and world) situation going forwards. One point of note, they have changed the definition of (those ever increasing) suicides to 'accidental death'. Now, those who have doubted those of us who are in disagreeance with the mainstream narrative, this should surely cause you to begin questioning. Why the need to change this definition? There are many more anomalies. Dr Ratna also covers the stats, just who is dying / injured etc post jab and questions NZ's post mortem procedures. She also has advice & info to offer as we move forwards, in light of what the WEF and Co are planning for the people of the planet.



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a NZ Hospital building

Or is it being collapsed?


Dedicated to the dedicated nurses, midwives and ambulance staff and to mandated practitioners.

We have been told that the Pfizer mRNA “vaccine” is “safe and effective” and would protect against covid-19; that it would protect against serious symptoms and keep people out of hospital.

Now we have a crisis in our hospitals “because of COVID”.

The truth is that in this country at least 80% of people in hospital because of COVID have been vaccinated. 

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We are just now becoming more aware of gag orders affecting reporting of adverse effects following vaccination.

Apparently, hospital administrators are keen to avoid any publicity that might suggest an increased incidence of cardiac events and other common Covid vaccine side effects.

Their motivations for this are unclear, but we have previously noted a lack of New Zealand data for specific conditions. I have received a number of anecdotal reports from hospital staff and patients around the country concerning high rates of hospitalisation and death attributable to vaccine injury.

Whilst scare stories of serious Covid infection outcomes are given wide publicity, gagging of hospital staff effectively hides the prevalence of adverse effects from the public. This has the effect of preventing the public reaching informed conclusions about the relative safety of Covid vaccination.

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