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Note: The NZ citizens’ register now has more than 180 confirmed NZ deaths (9 Oct 2021)

From The Health Forum NZ page @ Facebook

Here in New Zealand we continue to roll out the CV V at pace.
Every day of my life is currently filled with taking messages about New Zealanders who have died or suffered serious injury after their CV V.
We are creating a Citizens Database, in a similar fashion to Israel.

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coffin funeral hearse

"The Health Forum NZ led by Lynda Wharton has a team of at least 30 people who interview the people closest to the injured and deceased folk who experienced adverse events following their covid experimental injections."

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Some info on the censorship by the NZ government and disclosure of the adverse events…(note as of 2-3 weeks ago Peter Williams no longer works with Magic Talk ... no surprises there).

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"We have 1000 adverse reactions (most of them very severe) recorded in our database and 184 deaths temporally related to receipt of the first or second dose of CV V"

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The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s Fakebook post dramatically backfired. On the 26 September 2021, she posted this:

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Note: $130K has been paid out already for covid related claims. The primary headline for the article. However mention is also made of claims related to the jab. Read below:

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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS)

"As Doctors, many of us in primary care, we are concerned at the number of young people who seem to be suddenly dying.

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