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Note: do watch the featured video, it is shocking. Pregnant women beware. These people are flat out lying. TWNZ

preprint paper published this month, shows that IgG4 antibodies are present in the umbilical cord blood of infants born to vaccinated mothers, highlighting a theoretical risk to newborns of an ineffective response to Covid infection. This highlights just how many unknowns we are dealing with when it comes to assessing what will be the long term outcomes of mRNA vaccination.

BUT was this really unknown to those recommending that mRNA vaccination was safe for pregnant women? Documents released by Pfizer under court order reveal that Pfizer and the FDA were well aware of clinical trial results indicating appalling outcomes for babies of pregnant women.

Watch this 20 minute video where dozens of so-called New Zealand experts are recorded telling us that the mRNA Covid vaccines are completely safe for pregnant women in direct contradiction of Pfizer trial results available in April 2021. These indicated an unfolding disaster for babies, including miscarriage, premature birth, cardiac arrest, toxic breast milk, spike protein crossing the placenta, etc.


In the video, their comments are juxtaposed with scientists exposing the highly disturbing content of the Pfizer trials of pregnancy outcomes.

Was the New Zealand Government Aware of This Information?

Certainly, the contractual arrangements that our government had made with Pfizer would have required Pfizer to fully inform the Ministry of Health of all the results of vaccine trials.

BUT the Ministry of Health has completely ignored the information which has become public knowledge. From 1st May 2023, they are again encouraging pregnant and breastfeeding mothers from 16 and up to get a further booster shot. Why? Especially considering the increased incidence of miscarriages and stillbirths since the New Zealand vaccine rollout began.

I can’t imagine at this point in time a more important video to watch than this 20 minute film of our experts lining up to misinform prospective mothers of safety. Were they misled by Pfizer, by the Ministry of Health, by politicians, by the FDA, or by all of the above. OR did they just decide to promote a safety rating without even any evidence to back up their statements? We may never know, but the lesson of this video is clear, we will not be able to trust the medical czars again.



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