"Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. He maintains ABIM certification in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases. He practices both internal medicines including the management of common infectious diseases as well as the cardiovascular complications of both the viral infection and the injuries developing after the COVID-19 vaccine."

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"Dr Robert O. Young - one of medicine's most attacked practitioners - returns to Truthiverse with his bombshell investigations into the cooties-19 needles (covaxes). The results may surprise you. Robert is one of those fiery, battled-hardened rogues whose depth of knowledge - both clinical and theoretical - is feared by Big Pharma. If everyone knew what he does about health, illness, pH, "viruses", parasites, nutrition, and more, Big Harmya would simply be no more."

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Compilation of incidents on the streets of Melbourne. Police dressed like Darth Vader, bullets flying (rubber presumably?), tackles to the ground, violence everywhere... protecting the health of Australians.



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klaus schwab

"Schwab has courted heads of state, leading business executives, and the elite of academic and scientific circles into the Davos fold for over 50 years."

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'For decades we've been deceived by those we've trusted. We the people must win this war with non violent non cooperation… be calm be united be brave"

Posted at Rumble channel of DefyTyrants:

This 5-minute plea by Australia One leader Riccardo Bosi was given on September 17th, 2021; posted at YouTube the next day; and removed by YouTube ten days later.

We preserved the video however - and now make it available to you here at this platform.

In this 5-minute video, Bosi delivers a sobering call-to-action for all Australian patriots and freedom fighters. The strength and conviction of Bosi is not feigned as his background is defined by, amongst many other credentials, a distinguished military career. Riccardo Bosi is a former Australian Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel and served Australia with distinction.

The stirring words of Riccardo Bosi easily apply to the citizens of every free world nation who are dealing with similar manifestations of global tyranny within their national boundaries.


Defy Tyrants have a website here: https://defytyrants.com/

An explanation of disobedience that many Christians are not aware of. 'The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates'. When should you obey and when not according to scripture.

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It's easy to see the push is on for total mandatory. See how cleverly they do it by increments. The end game is for all to be jabbed. If they mandated it all at once the people would rise up. So by increments it is. It's also known as gradualism.

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Note the Chief Scientist (like all of these corporate liars) knows his stuff and will not state publicly that the vaccine is safe for kids ... listen to how he sidesteps the pressing interview on camera...

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A few weeks ago I mentioned at EWR that changes were coming.

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Another incredible doctor who has walked away from her career as an ER Doctor because she refused to be mandated....and she has too many questions that wont be answered.
Especially interesting discussion at 12 minutes regarding D Dimer blood tests and micro clotting....



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"Any continued roll out of the current mass vaccine programme, especially the continuation and increasing powers of vaccine mandates through Vaccine certificates and ‘no jab, no job’ is by law a crime against humanity according the 1947 Nuremberg Code (see Appendix for reference) as well as the NZ Bill of Rights."

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