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From Dr Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field And 5G Exposure Experiments With C19 Vaccinated Blood - Beware Graphic Images

I have previously posted our findings on clotting evaluation of C19 vaccinated blood. Blood samples had been drawn of four C19 vaccinated individuals. Two were vaccine injured and two were completely asymptomatic. All of the samples formed a yellowish rubbery layer on top after the sample was left standing for 4 hours at room temperature.

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man looking worried

This is a 1 hour 41 minute long interview that is well worth the watch. It features Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Naomi Wolf and Dr Peter Breggin with Reiner Fuellmich. The intro features Dr Bhakdi provides background to the discussion by speaking about the mRNA shots and why they are dangerous. He discusses the fact that they are now included in the flu jabs. The globalists he reminds us, wanted population reduction (no conspiracy, that goal is on Bill Gates' website) and with the covid jab they have achieved that. Deaths and infertility.

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gloved hands injecting tomato with syringe

Here are four articles on topic. This info has been percolating for some time now, in fact I read info on topic away back in around 2014 and earlier. Hopefully more folk are getting the fact now that we've been lied to for a very long time. This I believe is why the CV jab went down so well. 'Why would they lie?' is the mantra they could 99% rely on sadly. TWNZ

Firstly, from Karen Kingston @ substack

mRNA Technology is in the Food Supply

(Karen Kingston) "My fear about this bioweapon attack, which is what it is, is that they could release a chimeric weaponized 'virus' onto US and global citizens through our food and water supply."

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empty hospital corridor

This is all very real in NZ also. I have heard first hand stories of folk on the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP, so called). One such story, an elderly gentleman who had a fall was admitted to hospital for observation and left there by his family over the weekend. He was put on the LCP (this entails 'nil by mouth' including water!) and died within a week. Turns out he had no broken bones! In the following videos, in the first, Dr Mercola advises never to go into hospital alone. Always have a support person.

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covid-19 vaccine vials and syringes

From La Quinta Columna, shared at

Listen at the link (10 min video)

Stopthecrime has been onto the LT plan of the so called elites for a very long time. Worth an explore of their very comprehensive site... TWNZ

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child being injected by a nurse

Be aware Kiwis because this issue has already come to light here!  Twelve year olds can give consent for the mRNA injection already, now what 12 year old can even comprehend the possible side effects even if told to them? If you haven't read this article from Feb 2023, it is a must. I cite in the article an incident from a few years back regarding coercion of children at school without the oversight of their parents.In addition, there has allegedly been training going on around determining if a minor is 'of sound mind' (or mature enough?) to consent. Note also, WHO deems your child's presence at school as informed consent to vaccinate them.

Note: "In circumstances where a minor does not have signed consent form but is deemed mature by the attending immunizer parental consent is not required."



Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

This evil practice of coercing children to accept COVID injections without their parents’ approval is not only happening in Canada, it is happening in the United States as well, as some states allow children as young as 12-years-old to get COVID injections without their parents’ knowledge or approval. (Source.)

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Bill_Gates and Warren_Buffet

by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News

It has been widely reported in the Alternative Media this past week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is drafting a new “Pandemic Agreement” that would turn over all future pandemic responses to the WHO and would be legally binding worldwide.

The New American (among others) covered this with two articles this week:

U.S. to Negotiate Accord to Transfer Pandemic Management to WHO

WHO Calls for Global Surveillance to Ensure No One Escapes Vaccination (apparently they removed this article from their site??)

The WHO, however, is simply a puppet organization that is funded by Globalist Billionaires, so let’s put some faces to this organization and reveal who is really behind this effort to vaccinate every single person on the planet, and then track everyone via digital IDs.



The WHO's Pandemic Treaty in NZ with Helen Tindall | FreeNZ

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rubber stamp denied


Two articles from Mike Adams ...

(Natural News) In order to continue receiving Universal Basic Income (UBI) payments from the government, Brazilians on welfare must now show proof of vaccination.

The newly selected Lula da Silva, Brazil’s new socialist-globalist leader, has decreed that the so-called Bolsa Familia program is being updated to only include those who receive every “vaccine” pushed by the government.

“We can’t play,” da Silva said. “It’s a question of science. If I have 10 covid vaccines to take, I will take all that is necessary.”

It was The Rio Times that first announced these changes to the Bolsa program, which is described as “a social welfare program for the poorest families in Brazil” and “a kind of Universal Basic Income.” In practice, the scheme has become a social credit system much like the one that exists in communist China.

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monkey with her baby

From Celia Farber @ substack

I’m genuinely sorry to deliver this news if you had not yet read it elsewhere.

I was on the phone with Mark Crispin Miller when the shattering news came through, that the five week old baby chimp Kucheza was found dead in his grieving mother’s arms at a Kansas Zoo.

I’d shared the video with you all before Thanksgiving of Kucheza’s mother Mahale finding her baby under a bright blue blanket and being so overjoyed, the heartwarming clip went viral all over the world.

Is There A Pattern Of Zoo Animals Dying Suddenly Recently?

First, I asked Mark if he thought I should report on this, and he said “yes.”

I was thinking it was simply too traumatic, and it’s Christmas tomorrow.

Mark pointed out this is a war-front, and one that he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had worked on. “Bobby really wanted to include the animals’ stories in the died suddenly project,” Mark said.

We began to talk about “vaccines” and zoo animals, and it turned out Mark had documented the many, many deaths of post-Covid vaccinated Zoo animals as well as race horses. He forwarded me this email, (copied and pasted) that he sent to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on August 19, enumerating zoo animal deaths as part of a “died suddenly” research project.



5-yr-old mare collapses, dies at Los Alamitos

Image by Myo Min Kyaw from Pixabay

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Moderna office in Cambridge, Massachusetts

From Dr John Campbell

Link to video:

Moderna builds massive factories in UK, Australia and Canada Sun Yang, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Closed-door meeting Infections, Tuesday, 37 million 205 million so far (18% of the population) Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, 50% infected so far Thursday, cases, + 4,000 Saturday, cases + 4,103 Deaths, + 8 (no attempt to collate cases) Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) (University of Washington, Seattle)

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image of fibers plus text

From Dr Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD @ substack

For folk who are familiar with Clifford Carnicom's extensive work over more than two decades (links to that in the article) ... you will know that he has been documenting what he's seen delivered from the skies via the practice of geoengineering. Dr Mihalcea is speaking with him about the similarities between what he has seen and what is being observed in the blood samples of both vaccinated & unvaccinated folk. They are he says, identical, not just similar. Back in the '90s when he first alerted the authorities to what he was seeing they were not interested. This is a topic that is creepy to say the least (particularly Morgellons... Morgellons sufferers have long been relegated to the psychiatric basket) however now Clifford affirms what researcher & author Elana Freeland has been saying, 'they' are in the last stage before the transhumanism. (Related articles here). This is a very long read if you follow all the article links, but well worth the effort... TWNZ

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Bill Gates

From Dr Mercola

NOTE: Due to censorship Dr Mercola's articles are archived to paid sub soon after publication, in which case the source link may no longer work. The article however is republished here in its entirety.  TWNZ

Story at-a-glance

  • Over time, it’s become clear that the globalist cabal seeking to implement a one world government repeatedly tell us what they’re about to do. Table top pandemic simulations, for example, are a form of dress rehearsal
  • In 2017, Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security held a coronavirus pandemic simulation called the SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 scenario. In October 2019, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with Johns Hopkins and the World Economic Forum hosted Event 201
  • As in the SPARS Pandemic scenario, Event 201 involved an outbreak of a highly infectious coronavirus, but the primary (if not sole) focus of the exercise was how to control information and keep “misinformation” in check, not how to effectively discover and share remedies
  • October 23, 2022, Gates, Johns Hopkins and the World Health Organization cohosted “a global challenge exercise” dubbed “Catastrophic Contagion,” involving a novel pathogen called “severe epidemic enterovirus respiratory syndrome 2025” (SEERS-25), which primarily affects children and teens
  • Enterovirus D68 is typically associated with cold and flu-like illness in infants, children and teens. In rare cases, it’s also been known to cause viral meningitis and acute flaccid myelitis, a neurological condition resulting in muscle weakness and loss of reflexes. The virus they modeled in the Catastrophic Contagion simulation appears to be something similar to enterovirus D68, but worse

Over time, it's become clear that the globalist cabal seeking to implement a one world government repeatedly tell us what they're about to do. They hold dress rehearsals in the form of tabletop exercises, and they've revealed their plans in various reports and white papers through the years.

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small baby crying

From Dr Mercola

FDA Unleashes the Deadliest Medical Practice Ever on Babies

NOTE: Due to censorship Dr Mercola's articles are archived to paid sub soon after publication, in which case the source link may no longer work. The article however is republished here in its entirety. A very disturbing article too. Beware parents. TWNZ

EXCERPT: "The very same day the CDC voted to add the shots to the vaccine schedule, which also opens the door for states to mandate the jab for school children, Pfizer announced it will raise the price of its jab by about 400%,12 from $3013 per dose to somewhere between $110 and $130 once the current U.S. purchase program expires."

Story at-a-glance

  • In mid-June 2022, the United States became the first country in the world to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID jabs for toddlers as young as 6 months. December 8, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the updated bivalent COVID boosters for this age group as well
  • The reformulated bivalent shots were authorized for adults, based on antibody levels in mice, just three months earlier. The FDA has zero data on its use in babies. Initial data is not expected until January 2023, yet they authorized the shot for babies anyway
  • The COVID shots are the most dangerous medical intervention ever released. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show nearly 30% of V-Safe participants aged 12 to 17 were unable to perform daily activities after the second dose, and nearly 20% were unable to attend school or work after the booster
  • How can the FDA rationalize a bivalent booster for babies based on data showing 2 out of 10 tweens and teens get so incapacitated they cannot attend school?
  • The FDA and CDC aren’t the only ones at fault. The U.S. Congress has, over the past 30 years, slowly but surely paved the way for legalized tyranny and genocide. What used to be crimes are no longer, and the FDA is actually part of the group of agencies that run the U.S. bioterrorism program

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baby with nose tube

This story is widely known now throughout NZ and globally is being watched closely. Links are supplied below to a selection of mainstream's coverage .. to give you an insight into what has transpired so far. The NZ authorities are considering obtaining guardianship of the baby. 

Mainstream's stance is predictably one that has little if any sympathy at all with these parents' right to choose which blood their baby should have.

The other more balanced coverage is supplied by Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media. In fact, Liz has located the parents of a baby in the USA who faced a very similar scenario. The hospital in their case, against their wishes, gave their baby vaccinated blood anyway, the baby developed a clot and he died two weeks later. Tragic. You can hear that interview plus interviews with the NZ parents below. (Note: all of the related  info is under the videos).


1. Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

2. Baby Will - Update

3. Post-Court statement - 30.11.22

4. Court Case Recap With Lawyer Sue Grey

5. Baby Will update - Thursday 1st Dec

6. In Conversation With Cornelia - Mother of Baby Alex

7. Baby Will Update with Dad - Cole. 2nd Dec, 2022

8. Baby Will - Court Case - 6th Dec 2022

9. Cole On The Earlier Operation For Baby Will (Clip)

10. In Conversation With Charles MacKenzie - President of "Infected Blood Australia"

11. Baby Will - Medical Kidnapping

12. Two Expert Paediatric Cardiologists Speak On Baby Will's Case - 8th Dec 2022

13. Cole & Sam - Baby Will update on 8th Dec (Night)

14. Sue Grey - Baby Will's Case

15. Liz Gunn's Statement on Baby Will




Baby blood case: Parents accept that some blood products from ...

Health NZ seeks guardianship of baby whose parents are refusing




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covid vaccine vials

From Life Site News

TWNZ COMMENT: Remember this article from 2019? 
A US court case in 2018 revealed there’s been no quality control over vaccines manufactured by big-pharma for at least 32 years

Australian physician put droplets of Pfizer vaccine and blood of vaccinated patients under a dark-field microscope and filmed "bizarre, strange, metallic structures that look like circuitry and microchips" that "seem to respond to electromagnetic fields."

(LifeSiteNews) — A recent analysis of documents obtained by freedom of information lawsuits reveal COVID “vaccine” manufacturers such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen are only “figureheads” in the production of experimental injections that are actually produced, fully controlled and distributed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

Research conducted by retired pharmaceutical industry executive Alexandra Latypova discovered that “kind of like an iceberg” these biological products are “made by a consortium of companies” that are “traditional and nontraditional suppliers to the Department of Defense.”

Though the public sees Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen being represented everywhere as the products’ manufacturers, in reality they “are involved [only] somewhat in some pieces of [the production process],” Latypova told Dr. Peter McCullough in an America Out Loud interview released November 8.

In addition, “possession [of the product] is never taken by anybody other than [the] U.S. federal government,” she said, resulting in a situation where the methods of production and contents of these products “cannot be traced.”

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chess board with Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates


"It would appear it is now a criminal offense to tell the truth.

That’s because access to over two-thirds of the funds The Exposé needs to operate was restricted without warning towards the end of October, simply because of the work we are doing to expose the Establishment's actions and true intentions.

This has highlighted the enormous dangers of the cashless society that your Government is now trying to impose under the instruction of the United Nations, World Economic Forum and Central `Banks."

TWNZ comment: 

The Exposé has been hamstrung by the blocking of access to their funds, kindly donated by an appreciative public. Incredible! This is how far tyranny has advanced. Don't think this cannot happen in NZ. It already has in quiet & surrepticious ways. To his dismay, this man lost everything for exposing corruption. Of course you will never hear about this in lamestream media. (I have heard of others also. Peruse the LG Watch pages at the previous link). Please consider donating to the The Exposé. Their info is always excellent & on point. They are dedicated to digging up and bringing you the truth... clearly at great cost. Note, I am adding related articles below also. There are so many now, from hereon I need to group them rather than post individually. Thank you for reading.

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4 surveillance related images

We posted related articles at the Rangitikei site way back. It rolls on of course ... there will be no letting up given this is a very long term plan. Below is an excerpt from the Lockstep document (pdf ) ... Note, in 2015 NZ had a military exercise in the South Island with mock scenarios of quelling 'civil unrest' ... TWNZ

Lockstep Rockefeller Foundation.pdf

This featured article is from

What is the Lock Step Scenario?

Continued emerging evidence of a lock step scenario being executed on societies across the globe shows years of evolving collusions between multiple factions with reciprocal, corrupted and anti-democratic interests. A reliable and favourite independent media outlet of ours, The Exposé, explains where this lock step scenario stems from including leading influencers, in this 28 September 2022 article.

A 2010 report produced by The Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, documents a framework for four potential futures. Their Lock Step Scenario outlines “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback” resulting from a fictitious influenza pandemic.

In reference to the 2020 imposition of pandemic lockdowns, historian, author, investigative journalist and fearless geopolitical analyst Dr Naomi Wolf states (at 4m 55s here) “the only times that any populations have had their assembly restricted are in places like North Korea, or fascist moments like the enclosure of the Warsaw ghetto … I also knew that populations are restricted right before their assets are going to be stolen or there’s going to be an attack on them“.


Photo: screenshot from the Lockstep document




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Anthony Fauci

This movie is available to view free for what looks like 8 more days now. You will need to sign up with an email but access is immediate. Worth taking the time to watch in an era of so much deception going down.


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Who is Harari? Find out here in one of our previous posts.

In this video Klaus Schwab and Dr. Yuval Noah Harari explain that humans are now hackable beings.

To learn more about transhumanism read here at
It is why we are hearing about operating systems in the jab. This has been the plan from long ago. It is shocking to ponder if this idea is news to you but it is very real. Elon Musk is another proponent of the idea (who tries to present himself as being for the people. You don't have to search far or listen long to his talk to figure he is all for the globalist plans ... as are many who appear to not be). (If you don't like Icke whose video is at the last link, listen to Musk for yourself. Research his project called Neuralink).
We are to be linked with machines basically. It is about control.


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