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Be aware Kiwis because this issue has already come to light here!  Twelve year olds can give consent for the mRNA injection already, now what 12 year old can even comprehend the possible side effects even if told to them? If you haven't read this article from Feb 2023, it is a must. I cite in the article an incident from a few years back regarding coercion of children at school without the oversight of their parents.In addition, there has allegedly been training going on around determining if a minor is 'of sound mind' (or mature enough?) to consent. Note also, WHO deems your child's presence at school as informed consent to vaccinate them.

Note: "In circumstances where a minor does not have signed consent form but is deemed mature by the attending immunizer parental consent is not required."



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Editor, Health Impact News

This evil practice of coercing children to accept COVID injections without their parents’ approval is not only happening in Canada, it is happening in the United States as well, as some states allow children as young as 12-years-old to get COVID injections without their parents’ knowledge or approval. (Source.)

Alberta, Canada is now giving COVID-19 vaccines to minors without parental consent – doctors are now a hazard to your child’s health

by Dr. William Makis MD

I was recently on the Stew Peters Show discussing how Canada is moving towards euthanizing Canadian children without parental consent, and how this is being led by Trudeau Liberal Senators and Liberal members of parliament. (click here)

Alberta begins vaccinating minors without parental consent

On March 2, 2023, Alberta Health Services issues new guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination in the province of Alberta. (click here)

“All Albertans six months of age and older are eligible (to get COVID-19 vaccines)”

“Moderna – approved for age 6 months and older”

“Pfizer – approved for age five and older”

This is standard procedure from Alberta’s corrupt and grossly incompetent healthcare leaders who earn $700,000 a year to force toxic experimental pharmaceutical products on Alberta’s children and pregnant women.

But hidden in the guidelines is a shocking revelation that Alberta has now begun vaccinating children for COVID-19 without parental consent:




Warning to Parents! Children’s Immune Systems Are at Risk of Damage From COVID-19 Gene Injections (NZDSOS)

WHO now deems your child’s presence in school as informed consent to vaccinate them (it’s called ‘implied consent’)


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