night street scene with purple lighting

From Agent131711 @ Substack

A very long must read article connecting many dots. I'd urge you to sub this substack and preferably financially, simply because his research is excellent. He has set it at the lowest price Substack allows ... read at the link. In particular the paid portion of the article has much more to it... Note: the purple is also appearing at injection sites on the body ... on buses, entranceways and more ... TWNZ

"Weapons Expert obtains a new streetlight and opens it. What he finds inside is TERRIFYING."

Purple street lights began popping up all over the world, at the exact same time. To ease the publics concern, worldwide governments assured their citizens that this “is the result of a defective phosphor coating in the street light fixtures.”

 They began appearing in my home state of Michigan, specifically in heavily populated areas, and specifically at entrances and exits to express ways, as well as on roads that are used the most.



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