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Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren't safe or effective.

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Note: Links are being added as they surface.
Since posting on this recent revelation, clearly many have jumped right in and dismissed it as a psyop or fake info. I believe it is far too early to dismiss it as either and I'm always suspicious when an article gets an immediately dismissive reaction. I will continue to add information on the topic but feel free to do your own research and reach your own conclusions. I am adding here the Mike Adams interviews which go into greater depth about how Dr Ardis came to the conclusions he did. There are two interviews at Natural News. The third is from Dr Jane Ruby.

They also both touch on the aspect that has deflected people from hearing him ... the perhaps over dramatization of the first interview by Stew Peters. The music and so on. In fairness, this is not unusual for Peters' videos and certainly doesn't in my opinion mean one should dismiss all of his material outright. It was after all only an intro video. The follow ups tell us more.

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From Jeff Hays Films
: To say that a 10,000 page document dump from the FDA is "small" sounds a bit strange.

Truth is, it's a drop in the bucket of what is coming down the pike. There are about 450,000 total pages in the hands of the FDA.

It's the first batch of documents released by the FDA regarding Pfizers C0V!D jab creation, safety research trials and FDA approval process.

I'll tell you what... The results are unpleasant.

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PODCAST at the link. From Guy Hatchard @ concerning biotechnology.

EXCERPT: "The video is highly critical of biotechnology safety, but in addition to the balanced criticism in the above mainstream journals, it also refers the listener to an alternative view presented by Tal Zak, chief medical officer of Moderna. Clearly our Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation has a very different idea of science from mine, one that YouTube appears very anxious to protect and promote. YouTube does not offer explanations in scientific terms. My view of science involves the collection and analysis of evidence, rational discussion among peers, and a precautionary approach when it comes to experimenting on human subjects." Guy Hatchard


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In my mind, there’s little doubt that the primary reason for the rollout of the COVID jabs was not for public health but to justify the rollout of vaccine passports, which in turn are just the first iteration of a much broader mechanism to surveil, track, manipulate and control the population of the world.

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Important article that gives perspective to the two glaring current global events, from Bruce Cain:

"To the people of planet Earth. You were lied to about the Plandemic and the deaths and injuries from the mRNA injection is now leaking out to the public despite major efforts to censor the information. You are being lied to about the war in the Ukraine. It has been well known by policy experts that bringing the Ukraine into NATO or the EU would result in a war with Russia. So why are the globalists -- NATO, the EU, Klaus Schwab, Biden, Zelensky -- trying to do it anyway?" ...
"It’s important to understand that most conflicts between the East and the West are engineered conflicts and the leaders of BOTH SIDES are not really at odds with each other. Rather, these wars are Kabuki Theater; they are wars of convenience to achieve covert ends while mesmerizing the masses with moments of terror and calamity.“ (excerpt)

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"Oh dear there seems to be an official EU watering down of protections previously listed under Resolution 2361 (2021) against mandatory covid jabs and now there's also the mention of EU covid certificates and possible mandatory 'vaccinations' but such policy changes are hidden in other more recent PACE-COE Resolutions.
Beating Covid-19 with public health measures

Resolution 2424 (2022) | Provisional version"
Carmel McCormack


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Right now, they plan to force their "vaccine" passports on us, not through city, state or national governments, but as a GLOBAL imposition

Mark Crispin Miller

Was this sudden war in Ukraine planned as a distraction from the larger war waged by the globalists on all the rest of us? Probably. But whether it was planned that way or not, it surely is distracting us—just as the authors of this nightmare are quietly endeavoring to globalize the “vaccine” passports that, we’ve been assured, will not be rolled out by the (merely) national governments that had been threatening to impose them on us. The article below makes pretty clear that that’s the plan; so let’s not take our eyes completely off the hardball hurtling toward us.

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From via Mark Crispin Miller (links below)

This story is a conversation with Riley Waggaman, who writes about COVID Russia—and does so brilliantly. We recorded the interview for my podcast a week or two ago, before the war began...

In our interview, Riley went in great detail into the ties between the Russian elite and the WEF, as well as funny connections to various pharma companies.

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Thirty years ago, this blogger experimented with lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and shrooms. There were rumors back in the 80s and 90s that once you’ve taken acid 10 or more times, you are deemed clinically insane. One week in the early 1990s, at least 10 tabs were consumed. And for a while there, clinical insanity seemed real. Flashbacks and weird episodes happened for a year thereafter. No more illicit drugs were ever consumed again. But in 2022, you don’t even need hallucinogenics, as the sheer insanity that is The Great Reset is like a trip of its own.

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 I saw the analogy drawn recently to the boa constrictor and how with each relax of its grip it then tightens even more. Knowing what we do about the agenda of the globalists this makes perfect sense. It was right there from the start, the promises by JA there would be no mandates. A year later? Mandates. Two weeks to flatten the curve. Two years later? More loss of freedoms. One thing is certain, you cannot trust a globalist. They lie with impunity. TWNZ

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TWNZ Comment:
NZ MSM, the mouthpiece of the NZ corporation parading as a government, is of course telling you nothing of this event. All we have heard from them to date is lies about the activities of the protesters ... throwing faeces, violent tactics and so on. I have personally read many versions of the truth from those I trust on the ground. The only violence appears to have been that instigated by the Police (example) at the outset of the protest (all captured on video) ... and now this episode (example). More to come on that. This article spells out quite clearly what happened on the 21st at Parliament, and why. Any let up on mandates, or any other concessions to protesters IMO, will be temporary at best given the agenda that has been pushed since the outset of the plandemic has been a 'great reset' which remember, promises we will 'own nothing and be happy'. This is Operation Lockstep. (Note, 'they' will own everything & they're well on the way in that end game as we speak). Meanwhile as the boa loosens its grip temporarily, as with Canada's developments, that other colony of the British Empire is in for similar no doubt. TWNZ

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Trudeau Unleashes ‘Emergency Powers Act’, Threatens Crowd-Funding Platforms With “Terrorist-Financing” For Protesters

Update (1715ET): As expected, Canadian PM Trudeau invoked sweeping emergency police powers Monday in his latest attempt to stamp out dissent from citizens protesting vaccine mandates and other COVID restrictions. 

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And back in NZ it's reported (rather than speak to the crowds) the NZ Gov is now playing loud VX and mental health ads from their loud speakers. Earlier (yesterday) the sprinklers were turned on it appears. TWNZ


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Do examine all the links supplied in this article. It's well researched and very feasible. I do recall early on in the plandemic and even recently, that it takes real stamina and insistence to demand an oral as opposed to nasal swab. They just keep declining. Read anyway, and draw your own conclusions. TWNZ

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Updates from Health Impact News: citing many sources: there is talk of cutting internet, clearly also, fuel supplies (as has been happening in NZ), food and aid;  and arrests in Canada have begun as the Police State thugs are rolling out, not .... note.... to have discussions with the peaceful folk camped in Ottawa... but to quell dissension with the iron fist. They are confiscating fuel. As Jon Rappoport comments in his excellent overview of what is happening and why the line needs to be held ... "No one should have expected the government of “obey us” to just sit back and let this convoy happen and proceed, with so many Canadians supporting it." TWNZ

BREAKING: Police begin ARRESTING convoy protesters outside Parliament

Truckers Block Windsor-Detroit Border as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe Announces End of Vaccine Mandates

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David Icke reminds us how many we are and how few 'they' are. The so called elite ie. They are not elite of course. They are liars and thieves. Time to wake up & see what they are really about, and what the 'great reset' is really about. (Watch also the 'Tiny Dot' video below this one at the link). TWNZ

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"The corruption in "our" government is off the charts. (What's in those documents must be explosive stuff.) Pfizer, FDA Ask Court to Further Delay Release of COVID Vaccine Safety Data"

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They don't want you to know what is really happening in Canada. Folk are rising up. Fifty thousand trucks have occupied space in Ottawa with plans to remain until things change. They're in for the long haul. At this link are live streams. Keep an eye throughout the day. This is all over the jab mandates of course (in case you've been sleeping). TWNZ

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