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This story is widely known now throughout NZ and globally is being watched closely. Links are supplied below to a selection of mainstream's coverage .. to give you an insight into what has transpired so far. The NZ authorities are considering obtaining guardianship of the baby. 

Mainstream's stance is predictably one that has little if any sympathy at all with these parents' right to choose which blood their baby should have.

The other more balanced coverage is supplied by Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media. In fact, Liz has located the parents of a baby in the USA who faced a very similar scenario. The hospital in their case, against their wishes, gave their baby vaccinated blood anyway, the baby developed a clot and he died two weeks later. Tragic. You can hear that interview plus interviews with the NZ parents below. (Note: all of the related  info is under the videos).


1. Freedom To Choose Clean Blood

2. Baby Will - Update

3. Post-Court statement - 30.11.22

4. Court Case Recap With Lawyer Sue Grey

5. Baby Will update - Thursday 1st Dec

6. In Conversation With Cornelia - Mother of Baby Alex

7. Baby Will Update with Dad - Cole. 2nd Dec, 2022

8. Baby Will - Court Case - 6th Dec 2022

9. Cole On The Earlier Operation For Baby Will (Clip)

10. In Conversation With Charles MacKenzie - President of "Infected Blood Australia"

11. Baby Will - Medical Kidnapping

12. Two Expert Paediatric Cardiologists Speak On Baby Will's Case - 8th Dec 2022

13. Cole & Sam - Baby Will update on 8th Dec (Night)

14. Sue Grey - Baby Will's Case

15. Liz Gunn's Statement on Baby Will




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