"I have some pretty bad news. A friend of mine who is on leave from army said they are a bit broken. They were part of a large deployment up far Nth to surround an aboriginal community. They said multiple units were ordered to surround aboriginal village to stop any escaping. They said a lot of colleagues, we are disgusted as they had to watch the indigenous being forced down and held and jabbed by the medical military."

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Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while such a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores, one country at a time? Neil Oliver discusses Austria's decision to go into another lockdown.

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The Russian Federation may introduce armed patrols for compulsory vaccination.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, according to the Kommersant newspaper, have begun joint work on the introduction of mandatory vaccination of children in Russia. In addition, vaccination patrols will be created in the country (one doctor or nurse + two armed security forces), which will be allowed to carry weapons.

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"This is an SOS from Jaquie Dundee who Max Igan says is the real deal..."

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Millions throughout Australia resisting the tyranny ...

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"This was even before the shots were given emergency use authorization for children ages 5 to 11. Even worse, the FDA’s authorization is for smaller doses for this age group, but nurses at the church allegedly injected young children with the full adult dosage."

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(NaturalHealth365He said WHAT?  A member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) was just caught on video admitting to a shocking reality regarding the COVID shot for children.

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Lamestream reports it's the second time Ardern's had to cancel press conferences due to the 'anti' word which I refuse to repeat because the term is a determined effort to make you believe anybody who questions this particular jab is a criminal. Not so. Tyranny is when you are dissuaded from thinking for yourself & submitting to whatever medical intervention the 'one source of truth' government deems necessary. This is not Nazi Germany.

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OSHA will not enforce the recording requirement if the injury or fatality involves the COVID jab, even if required for employment. The nonenforcement will remain through May 2022. With this change, OSHA is covering up vaccine injuries — and hindering workers from seeking workers’ compensation

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An investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths have been reported against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines several times, meaning deadly batches of the experimental injections have now been identified.

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A teeny, tiny tweak in the Pfizer mRNA injections that U.S. children ages 5 to 11 will be getting is actually a significant difference in formulation that for some reason isn’t being discussed in the media.

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Around the world, huge numbers of people are protesting vaccine mandates and passports. In mid-September 2021, Italy became the first European country to announce the implementation of mandatory COVID-19 health passes (so-called “Green Pass”) for all workers, both public and private.

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A stunning video featuring American cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough asks the question: Why are we vaccinating people against COVID-19 — particularly when we have adequate, safe, available treatments for the infection?

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"Video from Australia reports members of the armed forces are being trained to go door-to-door, and forcibly vaccinate every person in the country." Awaiting response from Australian Defense.

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Vaccine super promoter Paul Offit was put on the FDA Advisory Committee for the Pfizer shot to be given to 5 to 11-year-olds, and it’s not surprising that he gave it a thumbs up since he owns patents on childhood vaccines and believes babies can receive up to 10,000 vaccines at one time.

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

I was going to have the headline to this article state that the FDA rubber stamped the Biden Administration’s plans to vaccinate 28 million children with the Pfizer COVID shot, but let’s stop pretending and state what is obvious to everyone: Pfizer is calling the shots in the White House regarding COVID-19 vaccine policy.

Unsurprisingly, the FDA Advisory Committee today voted 17-0 to approve the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 injection for children ages 5 to 11.

The panel was made up of industry insiders, including the infamous pediatrician, Paul Offit, who has stated that he believes an infant can easily be injected with 10,000 vaccines at one time.

He is the pharma-controlled corporate media’s go-to “doctor” spokesperson when it comes to childhood vaccines.

In a time when the corporate media still covered both sides of the vaccine debate, CBS actually allowed a report by then reporter Sharyl Attkisson expose the massive conflicts of interest that Offit has with childhood vaccines.

We have used this video many times over the years, and I think you might still be able to find it on YouTube, but we have uploaded a copy to our Bitchute and Rumble channels. This is at least 15 years old, maybe even older.

Another doctor on the committee that was considering whether these shots were safe enough to give to young children stated:

“We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it, and that’s just the way it goes.”



The FDA collected comments from the public regarding whether or not the Pfizer shots should be recommended to be given to children age 5 through 11, and according to Steve Kirsch, the Executive Director of the Covid-19 Early Treatment Fund, they counted over 139,470 comments posted AGAINST giving authorization to the shots, and could only find ONE comment in favor of the shots.

The link where the comments were collected is now offline. (Update: we did find a link where you can view the comments submitted here.)

Steve Kirsch was also present at the meeting as a non-voting member of the public, and shared 30 slides with the FDA Advisory Committee asking 30 questions that needed to be answered prior to giving approval. Here are the first 10 slides he shared which are now a matter of public record, and he also has over 100 more slides in a .pdf found here.


NOTE: comments welcome, and please do adopt a suitable pseudonym for yourself (or use your own name) so I or others commenting can decipher who we are responding to. It is confusing if all are named 'anonymous'. Many thanks. TWNZ

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"The gestalt of the findings implies that the infection explosion globally – post double vaccination e.g. Israel, UK, US etc. – that we have been experiencing may be likely due to the possibility that the vaccinated are driving the epidemic/pandemic and not the unvaccinated."

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Project Veritas
released their fourth video in its COVID-19 vaccine investigative series today which exposed three Pfizer scientists saying that antibodies lead to equal, if not better, protection against the virus compared to the vaccine.

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“A few weeks ago, the government forced through a motion in parliament to get all members of parliament to hand over their papers or be suspended,”
said Mr Limbrick. “They followed through with that. “A few weeks ago, the government forced through a motion in parliament to get all members of parliament to hand over their papers or be suspended,” said Mr Limbrick.
“They followed through with that." Rebel News

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"According to the propaganda machine, healthcare institutions are overwhelmed by the inrush of unjabbed individuals coming down with COVID, requiring medical care, and “selfishly” taking up space in our nation’s hospitals.  But data from an AI-powered Department of Defense ... exposes an entirely different reality."

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Folk from all over NZ are making their way to Waitangi to make known their concerns about the government's continued rollout of draconian legislation.
"The shot heard around the world! Ngapuhi is calling for help from all of those who value freedom & liberty". As always lamestream is downplaying the event.

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