Tribal Leaders call for international intervention; Northern Territory Chief Minister orders hard lockdown; revokes ‘5 reasons’ to leaving homes in Binjari & Rockhole

Indigenous Australians Subjected to Hard Medical Martial Law

By Steve 'Snoopman' Edwards

The Australian army were used in a Corona quarantine operation to remove four dozen indigenous Australians residents from the two communities in the Northern Territory this week, after nine ‘Covid-19 cases’ were allegedly identified in the community of Binjari.

The residents of Binjari and nearby Rockhole were taken to the Howard Springs quarantine camp located near Darwin, after hard lock-downs were enforced in the communities on the Saturday evening of November 20.

Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner announced on Monday November 22 that the “Residents of Binjari and Rockhole no longer have the so-called ‘five reasons’ to leave their homes.”

The five allowable reasons to avoid lock-down that he referred to are buying food and supplies, exercising for up to two hours, care or care-giving, work, or education.

“They can only leave for medical treatment, in an emergency, or as required by law.” said Gunner.


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