Lamestream reports it's the second time Ardern's had to cancel press conferences due to the 'anti' word which I refuse to repeat because the term is a determined effort to make you believe anybody who questions this particular jab is a criminal. Not so. Tyranny is when you are dissuaded from thinking for yourself & submitting to whatever medical intervention the 'one source of truth' government deems necessary. This is not Nazi Germany.

Note also the whore media estimated around 100 people protested in Whanganui! Anybody with at least half a brain cell viewing the footage and the images from there will know that there was at least three times that modest count. Little Hunterville further North also featured protests.

At any rate I am pleased to note that people are waking up to this and resisting these friendly visits from the globalist talking head to curry public favour. It's not working. I will endeavour to post an excellent video when available, of the Whanganui protest coverage. Unfortunately right now I cannot access the videographer's Fb page, or find the video, which doesn't surprize me. 

The censorship alone around this whole fiasco should be enough to wake people up. Free speech is under a total attack right now. They don't want you to see that their esteemed globalist & communist leader is disliked and the jab program is folding.



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