"This is an SOS from Jaquie Dundee who Max Igan says is the real deal..."

Martial law, forced jabs by military in Australia's Northern Territory. This is horrific. Similar to what has happened in Canada. Remember the rumours from Australia by military whistle blowers there saying they were being trained to force jab people! To the extent of chasing them and jabbing them if they ran! Don't imagine this cannot happen to you. They will come for the most vulnerable first as they are right now. We all will be next. They are right now building the quarantine camps 'for the unvaxxed'. Said in Australia.

Watch video at the link


australian military jabbing aboriginals

Play at the link, June Mills speaking ... she knows it is genocide:


Covid ETHNIC CLEANSING in Australia

Aside from FORCE JABBING its own indigenous, Australia is also sending vaccinated indigenous to quarantine camps!!! (MUST READ, PLEASE SHARE)


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