(NaturalHealth365)  In a news cycle that some on social media say is highly predictable, the so-called Omicron variant – first reported in South Africa as well as four fully jabbed people from Botswana – has now become a “variant of concern” for the World Health Organization (WHO).  Global public health officials are wasting no time using this as an opportunity to promote the COVID shot.

But, here’s the “strange” reality: While the Pfizer and Moderna CEOs hint that the current injections might not stand up to this variant, they and many others from the Big Pharma family are already grooming the public to expect new and updated versions of their shots – underscoring the reality that people will never truly be “fully vaccinated,” at least not if they need a booster shot or “new” version of the COVID vax indefinitely.

Doesn’t anyone find it strange (to say the least) that Big Pharma is already suggesting they will have a “solution” shortly – in the form of another shot?


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