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This is a 1 hour 41 minute long interview that is well worth the watch. It features Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Naomi Wolf and Dr Peter Breggin with Reiner Fuellmich. The intro features Dr Bhakdi provides background to the discussion by speaking about the mRNA shots and why they are dangerous. He discusses the fact that they are now included in the flu jabs. The globalists he reminds us, wanted population reduction (no conspiracy, that goal is on Bill Gates' website) and with the covid jab they have achieved that. Deaths and infertility.

At around 45 minutes in (should you want to skip the intro) Dr Breggin expands from his own psychiatric experience (he is 86 years old) on the brain damage that occurs. He discusses lobotomy, ECG (shock) treatment, psychotic drugsand more, and the effects they have on the patient. Basically they all produce compliance and docility.

The discussion proceeds to Germany and their involvement with the covid jabs, eugenics and subsequently genetics. The mind of the medics and why they are complying with the genocide. One manager of two hospitals cites financial reward, power and authority. Some startling revelations really. The history of experiments on humans and willingness to participate in their deaths.

Finally they quote from Schwab's book, the fact that globalism is incompatible (in their words) with patriotic democracy.

So the brain damage caused by the mRNA jab is a part of, in their view, the dumbing down of the world's population to ultimately, easily control them. Makes sense doesn't it, in light of what we've seen so far?


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