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I’m genuinely sorry to deliver this news if you had not yet read it elsewhere.

I was on the phone with Mark Crispin Miller when the shattering news came through, that the five week old baby chimp Kucheza was found dead in his grieving mother’s arms at a Kansas Zoo.

I’d shared the video with you all before Thanksgiving of Kucheza’s mother Mahale finding her baby under a bright blue blanket and being so overjoyed, the heartwarming clip went viral all over the world.

Is There A Pattern Of Zoo Animals Dying Suddenly Recently?

First, I asked Mark if he thought I should report on this, and he said “yes.”

I was thinking it was simply too traumatic, and it’s Christmas tomorrow.

Mark pointed out this is a war-front, and one that he and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had worked on. “Bobby really wanted to include the animals’ stories in the died suddenly project,” Mark said.

We began to talk about “vaccines” and zoo animals, and it turned out Mark had documented the many, many deaths of post-Covid vaccinated Zoo animals as well as race horses. He forwarded me this email, (copied and pasted) that he sent to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on August 19, enumerating zoo animal deaths as part of a “died suddenly” research project.



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