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Once More With Feeling: SADS Again – A 2nd Round

Mainstream media is at it again, the NZ Herald promoting ABV (Anything But the Vaccine) disease – also known as SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome).  Trying to suggest that this flood of sudden unexpected deaths has always been with us, but no-one has noticed, is gaslighting and diversion. And lies, lies, lies.

Yes, they really do think you are as stupid as they are. But we are living in the most astonishing times, so bizarre that some people retreat into denial and ‘normalcy bias’, where they interpret negative warnings in the most optimistic way.

In reality, sudden unexpected deaths in vaccine recipients, are DUE TO THE SHOTS UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE. So yes, many are due to the shots, and won’t be proven otherwise. 

In normal times the experimental drug, procedure or vaccine would have been considered causal until meticulous investigation proved it was not. 

In these strange covid times, the agencies we expect to keep us safe and monitor our pharmaceuticals were moved aside, huge safety signals are being ignored, and deaths in the young are criminally uninvestigated.  See here for evidence of ineptitude (at best) in Australia. The people of NZ are being lied to, and sane, professional voices are being censored and attacked by their own regulators.




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