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This revelation has been brought to the public's attention by Voices for Freedom. I quote straight from their newsletter containing also the links to the said articles:

"...a breaking story that began yesterday and continued today is worth everyone's attention!

An anonymous lawyer, writing under the pen name Cranmer has published two bombshell articles on his substack. The subject of the articles relates to the New Zealand government and its Covid-19 Technical Advisory Group (CV TAG). In particular, the advice given by the CV TAG committee to the government regarding:
  • the suitability of the Covid-19 injectable for children and young people,
  • the potential harm from myocarditis, appropriate dosing schedules, and intervals to minimise the risk,
  • and vaccine mandates for youth.
There is also proof of acknowledgment of a directive to scrub any mention of myocarditis as a factor in the alteration of dosing intervals from official public messaging
If you have not read these articles, we suggest dosing up with several cups of chamomile tea in advance, as the content will likely result in your blood reaching boiling point. 
Why? Because these documents prove that our Prime Minister and her senior MPs decided that their vaccine programme was more important than the recommendations of their expert advisors and the health and safety of our children. They lied, and they were caught out. 
Minister Hipkins and Dr. Caroline McElnay lied when they attributed government decisions to the advice of CV TAG when there is clear evidence to the contrary. 
The bottom line is that no admission of risk could be allowed to exist lest it plants a seed of doubt in the minds of the masses that something might be wrong with the vaccine. The government wanted to avoid any situation that may cause the public to run scared like a flock of sheep spooked by a loud bang!
This story was relevant at the time when VFF was pointing out the inconsistencies between national and international policy on the safety of vaccinating children. It was relevant when we tried to raise the alarm on the myocarditis safety signal way back in April 2021. It is relevant now when our leaders are being exposed for their corruption. It will remain relevant in the future when we look back on this time with sadness, disappointment, and shame, knowing that the New Zealand public took their hands off the wheel, allowing a tyrannical government to drive their precious children to school while blindfolded
Given that there's a snowball's chance in hell of our captured media covering this story, it is up to each of us to get it out. Talk to people and share the articles and videos to come. Make sure everyone around you knows the wickedness of the people elected to represent us. Urge them to hold the government to account for its actions by asking questions and demanding answers. 
Read Part One here, Part Two here, and our opinion piece on the story over on the blog.


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