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We have just had local body elections here in New Zealand and we were entertained with the spectacle of Jacinda’s government-funded medico-political platform in full flood.

If you want a metaphor from popular culture watch Divergent in which good people whose profession is to protect society get injected and become compliant oppressors.

Stuff newspaper, in conjunction with sophisticated websites and government-funded scientists, led the campaign charge and sought to identify and publicly attack any candidates who had safety concerns.

The most revealing part of these attacks was the selection of the candidates’ personal interests, which apparently should disqualify them from seeking office. These included:

Human rights
Free speech
Home Gardening
Adverse effects
Herd immunity
Lab leak theories
Social media
Natural products
Dairy farming
Sharing links

Oh yes, and they threw in FB friendship with myself.

There is even a hotlink button to anonymously dob in colleagues and report misinformation to the police and other government bodies including an emergency report team. Instructions encouraged you to report lawyers, health professionals, teachers, and worksafe breeches.

One of the principle advocates of Ardern’s biowave politics is a newly minted Ph.D. and expert on, you guessed it—disinformation, who, as reported by Stuff, has the incredible distinction of writing ‘a million words’. Yes, a whole million of them.

According to some words, the principal danger of the above interests was that they all lead, after about a year, to a desire to replace democracy with far right extremism and eventually ‘war’. Dangerous Stuff!! (Warning: they might have got some words confused here.)

On a serious note, how could anyone imagine that a political movement can be built around an ineffective and risky biotech intervention? Well apart from Jacinda Ardern of course… Wait a minute, let’s just add Justin Trudeau. That’s it right? Of course, there’s Joe Biden…. I could go on couldn’t I? Covid vaccination doesn’t make you gullible does it? It couldn’t possibly.

Don’t worry though, if Ardern has her way on the global stage we will never know what happened. Knitting needles, crochet hooks, and yoga mats will disappear overnight, and health food stores will close their doors. They will all be erased from our internet history and excluded from printed books (if anyone is still taught to read).

Jacinda Ardern is apparently a scion of Klaus Schwab and a champion of that old saw of dictators—if you keep saying the same thing often enough it should stick, no matter how batty it is.

If I was Klaus, I would be very careful of tying my boat to Ardern’s. Labour didn’t do too well in the elections, there are far too many knitters in New Zealand. Or is that nutters? Some newspapers and political pandits seem unable to distinguish one from the other.

Guy Hatchard

Be brave, resilient, and silent no more!



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