cemetery headstones and flowers

This article is from expose-news.com and is dated July 3, 2022. A timely reminder however of what is happening ... and of what we are now seeing more glaringly.

Still some are in denial but others see the higher all-cause death rate for what it is. Some of us are not gazing skyward wondering what on earth could be causing it, refusing to confront the elephant in the room. This is none other than deliberate. If it were not then why, in the face of these exponential death rates, are they not pulling back? Other vaccines historically were withdrawn at less than a hundred deaths. And we have far more than a hundred according even to official statistical data globally. Instead ... they have now added this kill shot to children's routine vaccine schedules! And it's well known children are not even at risk of Covid. They continue to push it onto pregnant mothers when we now know it was never tested for pregnancy, and sadly we are now seeing the damage. Beware people. Share these items of info folk are posting everywhere. Search on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, Brighteon and others, or our pages here... there is ample evidence by Doctors and Scientists and most importantly the injured and the bereaved. TWNZ



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