Some info on the censorship by the NZ government and disclosure of the adverse events…(note as of 2-3 weeks ago Peter Williams no longer works with Magic Talk ... no surprises there).

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"We have 1000 adverse reactions (most of them very severe) recorded in our database and 184 deaths temporally related to receipt of the first or second dose of CV V"

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gumshoenews.com via tapnewswire.com
The prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s Fakebook post dramatically backfired. On the 26 September 2021, she posted this:

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Note: $130K has been paid out already for covid related claims. The primary headline for the article. However mention is also made of claims related to the jab. Read below:

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New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS)

"As Doctors, many of us in primary care, we are concerned at the number of young people who seem to be suddenly dying.

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coffin funeral hearse

Please refer to our previous article on topic for the background to this statistic gathering.
This is Lawyer, Sue Grey's latest update on this figure which is now 150 deaths..

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From The Health Forum NZ @ Facebook

As a member of NZDSOS, Matt has been doing his best to promote scientifically accurate and honest information so that New Zealanders considering being vaccinated against Covid-19 can make their decision with proper INFORMED CONSENT.

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A rush of student deaths and serious heart problems since the government’s decision to roll out  the Pfizer vaccine to 12-17 year olds is government mandated genocide says the NZ Outdoors Party. 

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The recent and sad death of an Auckland teenager who experienced a heart attack has been deemed by the PM as not related to the covid-19 jab. She was jabbed two weeks prior to her death.

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From The Health Forum NZ @ Facebook

EWR note: have also seen similar for the teachers, yet to confirm.

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Posted by the Health Forum NZ page @ Facebook

This is just a “heads up”…

Many of you are looking for and sharing the website for the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS).
Tonight someone has sent me a fraudulent website set up to clearly confuse people and sabotage the work of this organisation of brave Doctors willing to stand up and demand Informed Consent for New Zealanders.

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All kudos to this medical doctor who has dared to speak up and warn about the same issue thousands of other MDs and scientists world wide have. (He has apparently been stood down and is under investigation).

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Talk about the cure being worse than the disease!

Jacinda has locked down New Zealand again to save us all from the dreaded delta variant. Well, I tell you what, I’d take my chances with the delta variant any day of the week thank you very much. When we look at the true risk from the delta variant, it is utterly delusional for Jacinda to be taking the action she is taking for the level of ‘threat’ that the delta variant poses. The name delta sounds bad doesn’t it. It sounds like some kind of military code name, so it must be really bad. Bad enough to put the fear of God right through the whole nation and have everyone walking around in masks terrified of each other like some kind of dystopian zombie horror movie.

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NZ wide it appears, and in the case of these leaflets, in Northland, the people who promised there would be no mandatory vaccination (that is your Ardern Labour Government) are applying shameless pressure upon those who are struggling to provide food for their families.

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 Warning: these links are being censored/disabled. Leave a comment if you find them not working EWR.

Sue updates on a lot of issues but in particular the ‘no jab no job’ pressure going on right now as folk struggle to keep their jobs. She also mentions a conversation she’s had with an undertaker regarding post jab deaths they are seeing. Another item, not in the video but on her Facebook page, a woman has received, instead of what she believed was the flu jab, the CV VX. Anecdotal info to alert you to be vigilant as you proceed. All important info to hear, listen at the link below:


Here is a link to Sue’s no jab no job forum you can sign up to:


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(This article is from the Health Forum NZ Facebook page. EWR)

NOTE: to compare the info given to potential recipients of the CV injection by NZ’s Medsafe, with that given by the USA’s FDA go here: The CV Jab: Compare possible side effects listed by the NZ Govt with those listed by the FDA THE INFO DIFFERS GREATLY! BE INFORMED!

Also RELATED: The NZ Ministry of Health is not telling the public about the post-CV jab deaths & injuries cited on the US, EUR & UK databases

Read the Health Forum article below:

“Virtually every family I speak with says the same things…. “We had no idea this could happen” “The papers we got at the time of the jab didn’t mention any of this was possible”

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Rumble — In this episode we present “Covid-19 vaccine” evidence that the mainstream media is silencing. Lawyer & NZ Outdoors Party co-leader, Sue Grey joins host Kelvyn Alp again to talk about the vaccine roll out in NZ. Supporting video footage is put forward from NZ doctors and global experts.

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