The recent and sad death of an Auckland teenager who experienced a heart attack has been deemed by the PM as not related to the covid-19 jab. She was jabbed two weeks prior to her death.

It is well to remember, a Utah Chief Medical Examiner has said that any possible link between a vaccine and a death is seldom if ever acknowledged.

Clearly this is a very sensitive matter to be reporting on, and all due respect to this suffering family. However, those who are awake will acknowledge that those ethical boundaries are increasingly getting crossed out of necessity as we encounter unbelievable never seen before censorship of any narrative or enquiry that is not from the government. A government that has said emphatically they are the only source of truth. Social media will not even allow the publishing there of official government statistics describing deaths and severe reactions to the experimental injection. We know from this post and and the censorship of even expert medical opinion that following normal lines of investigation is futile. Information is being withheld from the public. There are no official stats displaying for instance, on the suicide rates for 2020 and 2021.

Please read and be informed at least going forward with regard to informed decision making, and particularly regarding your children. I have read many a post describing parents who wish they had known the risks. 

Please compare the  potential side effects listed by the NZ Government, with those listed by the FDA (US).

Copy of school girl death



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