This is an interview with NZ Health Practitioner Gary Moller. He states first up that he saw no cases in more than 40 years, to 8 cases in four months ... then it is more than a red flag, he says, it is sirens blaring.

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The Health Forum NZ:

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"In this COVID era the saying ‘No Jab, No Job’ has become common place around New Zealand and around the world. But Sarah Carter’s story is different. Her story is one of ‘Jab, No Job’... Within two days of receiving the COVID jab Sarah began feeling major discomfort and pain in her chest and heart, which has been the most common adverse reaction to the Pfizer COVID vaccine. As well as the chest and heart pain she had a general feeling of not being at all right."

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children seated

The clinical trials for the paediatric vaccine were far too small to detect safety signals for a population in the millions.
There is no long-term safety data for COVID vaccination of young children, making this an experiment rather than an appropriate medical prevention. (From NZDSOS)

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VIDEO from Coronavirus Plushie: Hipkins still insists it is 'safe and effective' and adverse events very rare! It is if you are following the official narrative. Check out though the citizens register. Different story altogether. Watch at the link. TWNZ

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"Just five weeks ago, New Zealand had a so-called “vaxxathon,” a kind of festive campaign, with the sole purpose of giving as many people as possible a shot. Dr. Monchy reported that one health center made 175,000 NZD (105,000 euros) during that vaxxathon."
From RAIR via
Veteran New Zealand doctor René de Monchy’s career came to an abrupt halt after refusing to be vaccinated. Wanting to remain “vaccine-free,” the physician of over 48 years was fired, banned from his hospital, and not allowed to say goodbye to his patients...
The brave doctor questioned why doctors and patients receive monetary “vaccine” incentives. Furthermore, Dr. Monchy believes the actual number of people who have died from the vaccines is not reported, and relatives of those killed from the injection are receiving “hush money.”

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A look at the New Zealand data released under Official Information Act.

Hundred of deaths associated with vaccination.  Lessons can be learned and national reconciliation is possible.

A Press Release from Dr Guy Hatchard, PhD.

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Here is mainstream's reporting on the recent death of the young man Rory Nairn from Dunedin following his taking the experimental CV injection. Mainstream had of course to admit this given the results of the Coroner's Report. You can listen to Rory's fiancée Ashleigh speak about Rory at this link.

Meanwhile the NZ 'authorities' and their mouthpiece, MSM, continue to promote this 'treatment' as 'safe and effective' with plans next month to jab 5-11 year olds. TWNZ

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Don't be fooled folk. Mainstream lies ... constantly. They have been consistently covering up the true detail of fallout from their experimental jab. How can thousands of deaths and adverse reactions be coincidental? The internet is replete with heartbreaking stories of injuries and deaths and still this horror show plows on... regardless. They are coming next for your children Kiwis. They've already begun elsewhere and remember this is a global plan. The New World Order. No longer a so called 'conspiracy'. Note especially, NZ is planning to jab 5-11 YOs come mid January next year, 2022. TWNZ

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"I have been endeavouring throughout the year to get a true picture of how serious the situation has been but between the official statistics and the lies of government and media this has been well nigh impossible." seemorerocks

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"Now imagine this... You have several high needs kids who you fought to get help for, including funding which you absolutely NEED ... Well this Govt have taken it upon themselves to ignore the V developers own advice that precludes anyone with known anaphylaxis to ANY ingredient taking the vax, and ONLY allowing exemptions for those with anaphylaxis to 2x ingredients- 2!! F**k the rest right???
TWNZ comment: this should surely cause you to ask questions about the agenda here ... do you really believe that this is about the health and welfare of this woman and her children?

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Shared at The Freedoms and Rights Coalition Facebook page:
a comment from Rory's fiancée Ashleigh following the rally in Wellington on December 16 2021, and a copy of the Coroner's report.

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View the details at the link to the Citizens Register compiled by NZDSOS ... thank you NZDSOS for providing us with truth, unlike our current 'Health' authorities. Please read updates and subscribe to their website. They also run an online clinic availing you of assistance with prevention and also detox. TWNZ

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From the Health Forum NZ. (Note: the Health Forum has just incurred a seven day ban for posting about Vitamin D at Facebook ... seriously. If this does not make you question the official narrative, I wonder what will?) TWNZ

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"I receive dozens of private messages a week from people who have recently had the misfortune to need an Auckland hospital." This is not what lamestream is likely to be telling you any time soon unfortunately. It is full on censorship of truth right now as more and more info leaks out via social media. They are already ramping up censorship on that particular avenue of dissemination. TWNZ

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'I am speaking as a mother to a mother and I am asking you why we are being forced to vaccinate our kids, causing them even the slightest bit of pain and sickness for literally no medical gain for them. And now Max has inflammation around his heart! My healthy 14 year old son is experiencing chest pains and breathlessness because of a vaccine that is of absolutely no benefit to him and potentially others as the vaccinated still spread covid!'

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This woman "... states that she was actually placed in a section of the hospital that was treating vaccine injuries, and that she was the 7th person admitted that day suffering a heart problem following a Pfizer shot." Now, we have been told Kiwis, by our Prime Minister, repeatedly, that this injection is 'safe andeffective'. Do you still think it is safe and effective? Read this woman's story, then read young Casey Hodgkinson's story... and the other NZ stories. TWNZ

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Mother, Anna Hodgkinson is interviewed by Liz Gunn about their experience regarding adverse reactions following her daughter Casey's receiving the CV VX.  Some frightening detail concerning the response she has received from the medics and the hospital system and even the public. This is any parent's worst nightmare. (See also, Casey's interview below). TWNZ

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This is an interview by Chantelle Baker with the fiancée of Dunedin plumber, Rory Nairn who passed away following the covid vaccine.

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"In normal times and normal circumstances one would decline to report in this way on this dear man's death, however these are not normal times, nor are they normal circumstances. The reason being, death rates following the jab are being largely covered up and any truthful info about them censored."

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"Cardiac, short of breath, collapses, falls, flare ups from cancer ... people are blind, people cannot see it." Check out the NZ nurse and what she is sayng. Straight from the wards.
She raises very pertinent points about what is happening (& not happening) with the current CV scenarios.

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Condolences to this young man's family. Our hearts go out to you. How very tragic this is. Rest in peace Rory. (This has been posted on social media in the public domain, with permission to share). TWNZ

RELATED: Dunedin based Ashleigh recently lost her fiancé Rory shortly after his vaccination (interview)

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Retired NZ Medical Doctor, Dr Alanna Ratna writes a scathing letter to the NZ Medical Council. This was recently posted in its entirety. However I am posting parts of it to emphasize some of the shocking statistics contained therein. This one in particular concerns the jab being recommended by the said council for pregnant women. You can read the whole letter at this link:

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An excellent letter from a retired NZ MD written to NZ's Medical Council ...

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"I'm a Registered Nurse in the emergency department at a hospital in Auckland. We have vaccine reactions every single shift. Lots of chest pain/palpitations, ECG changes as well as cardiac arrests and strokes ... within 2 weeks of both first and second jab."

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As "refrigerated containers are being hired, bought, and scoped out to store Covid-19 bodies across the country" (RNZ) hear what John O'Looney had to say on topic. We posted about him not too long ago. There are three videos of his revelations on the finer detail of what he as a handler of the dead, observed.

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"An eighteen-year-old collapsed on the 9th of September while walking with her father two weeks
after her first covid injection. She was subsequently helicoptered to Auckland City Hospital and
then reported to have died from “multiple blood clots” ".   NZDSOS

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Listen to Casey herself, a young girl just starting out in life, injured now for who knows how long. The white coats are brushing her off as you will see by her mother's statements in the video. Watch her debilitating injury. Heart breaking... Listen also to NZ Lawyer, Sue Grey, who speaks on her behalf and others like her. Sue has conveyed this information to the Prime Minister about those on the citizens register, the deaths and injuries. We have an ongoing deafening silence on that one. This is not normal.

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Two interviews with Jeannette Brock, an ACC Advocate. Excellent info for you or someone you know who has been injured. Also information to consider before you decide on the experimental mRNA injection. TWNZ

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injured by jab

Testimonies by three New Zealanders affected by the experimental mRNA injection, still being trialed in NZ. You are the guinea pigs. In initial trials the ferrets all died. Never tested on pregnant women, and being recommended for such. Experiment at your own risk. Note these people are now fobbed off by the medical establishment.

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Folk have asked for some time for the location of this register. It can be found at the link below.

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A Southern District Health Board member was worried about vaccination mandates for health workers, as well as doctors failing to take seriously people who reported vaccine reactions, correspondence shows. (Otago Daily Times)

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