Folk have asked for some time for the location of this register. It can be found at the link below.

The NZDSOS website (New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science) has a citizens register at the bottom of their home page. Click on the links, 'Adverse Events' and 'Deaths' to bring up the pdf files listing details.

You can hear Lynda Wharton from the Health Forum NZ Facebook page speaking about this register at a recent health symposium by United For Freedom and hosted by Counterspin Media.


NZDSOS Homepage: (scroll down to bottom of page to find the two related links)

NOTE: from feedback I hear the links won't work so here are direct links to the pdfs. Please let me know (contact form, or comments) if these don't work either:


Health Symposium: (Lynda Wharton speaks at 17 mins)

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