green ambulance


"Paramedics, hospital staff, doctors and funeral directors know what is happening. Still, most remain silenced by fear of retribution or drunk on the money they make from the extra deaths, and, in true Orwellian Double-Speak fashion, MSM spews out lies fancifully dressed up as truth"

This week is almost over, and I had another three people seeking my assistance with managing their severe heart problems (as far as I'm concerned, all heart problems are severe), plus two with neurological damage - all coinciding not with the infection but with the mRNA jab. The ambulances and helicopters are busy around the clock ferrying jab victims to Wellington hospital. We know this because the helicopter's flight path to the hospital is past our home, and we can hear the sirens of the ambulances as they rush yet another victim to the hospital. We were woken yet again around 4 am yesterday by the helicopter.



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