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Note: not hard to conceive now is it that the intent all along has been depopulation? If it weren't the authorities from 'the corporation' would be investigating the evidence. Instead, as with the Cyclone death toll cover up they are relying on your ignorance or unwillingness to investigate for yourselves. TWNZ

Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figures—a Tsunami of Illness

An anonymous source has sent me some internal data from the health department. I am feeling as if stuck in the first few chapters of a dystopian novel. People are mysteriously falling sick and dying in large numbers.

Everyone is looking over their shoulders and wondering if they are next in line. Slowly the realisation dawns that perhaps the authorities themselves have a dark secret they are trying to hide.

Excess deaths have been running at unprecedented levels for well over a year, hospital admissions are also at record levels, and the health service is overwhelmed.

For months we have been asking for data by disease category and vax status. From what data we do have, it appears that the vaccinated are being affected disproportionately.

Against the evidence, the authorities and their experts stubbornly maintain that it must be due to Covid infection, rather than vaccination. They are calling for more mRNA vaccination, not less.

The leaked figures are from the Wellington Region, which contains approximately 10% of New Zealand’s population. Presuming they are accurate, the hospital admission figures verify that the health of the population is getting progressively worse:

Screenshot 2023 04 22 at 10 18 11 Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figuresa Tsunami of Illness Hatchard Report

The number of heart attacks has doubled, yes doubled. How bad is that? Hospitalisation for myocarditis is up by one third (33% increase). Miscarriage, stillbirths, and strokes all up by a quarter (25% increase). Acute kidney injury (AKI) up by 40%.

If this is being repeated across the nation (a reasonable assumption), in the year April 2022 to March 2023 alone, there will have been 14,600 additional hospitalisations for heart attacks, 9,700 additional cases of myocarditis, 8,200 additional cases of kidney injury, 1,600 additional miscarriages, 1,800 additional stillbirths and 10,500 additional strokes.

The Incidence of Some Cancers is Also Rising

This is the kind of data that Te Whatu Ora and the government have been withholding from the public, but it doesn’t stop there. The incidence of some cancers (which take longer to develop) is also rising:

Screenshot 2023 04 22 at 10 18 30 Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figuresa Tsunami of Illness Hatchard Report

There is Nothing Ordinary About These Figures

I want to emphasise that there is nothing ordinary about these figures. They are so far above known trends as to be entirely without any precedent. I am assured that these are official and correct, although I cannot independently confirm them.

However, they do mirror the officially published rises in New Zealand’s excess deaths, so I have confidence in their veracity. They are also at levels similar to those overseas. So I feel it is in the public interest to release them. Te Whatu Ora has these figures. Why have they not released them?

Why Are We Not Reading About These Figures in the Media?

Every attempt is being made to normalise record levels of illness and death by ignoring them. Why? And it is a big WHY.

There is no doubt now that mRNA vaccination is disrupting immune function. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a simple matter of scientific fact.

We have been discussing this for a couple of years now in multiple articles and referencing scientific publications on the topic. To what extent this is causing the tsunami of illness is not precisely known.

This needs to be investigated, but the huge embarrassment involved in admitting fault has apparently led the government and Te Whatu Ora to withhold the figures rather than openly discuss them or even make them available to independent researchers.

Which Political Party Has the Intestinal Fortitude to Stand Up and Start Discussing This?

If you live nearby, you can hear the rescue helicopters and the ambulances making their way to Wellington Hospital day and night with increasing frequency. Now we know what is really happening. The question now is, what political party is going to have the courage to start talking about it?

The media have been publishing human interest stories about rare cancers and tragic sudden deaths affecting individuals, but they haven’t added up the tally. Now we know we are in a fight for survival. The question is which media outlet is going to have the courage to start discussing this?

Medical authorities have been swamped with a tsunami of illness, but their response has been to deregister doctors who asked questions about mRNA Covid vaccine safety and raised the alarm about health data.

Presumably, they have thought if they withheld figures, the incidence of illness would decrease, but it isn’t, is it? It is getting worse. The question now is:

Screenshot 2023 04 22 at 10 18 49 Te Whatu Ora Are Hiding the Alarming Figuresa Tsunami of Illness Hatchard Report

Next, I am going to be examining what is going on behind the scenes in the pharmaceutical research community funded by governments. Products under development are truly frightening. The scope and extent of experimentation is rapidly widening. Increasingly, this is interfacing with our food sources.

Meanwhile, this release needs to be circulated as widely as possible. Inform your friends that health workers are beginning to get very worried. They are breaking ranks to share alarming hospitalisation data. This affects all of us—our children, our whanau, our co-workers, and our elderly. It affects the health and wellbeing of the whole nation.

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