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From the NZDSOS Doctors

Note the children who have passed, cited in the article (names changed) ... this is all so very wrong and it isn't stopping!! TWNZ

The words “sudden” and “unexpected” in the nation’s obituary pages continue to assault the eye and the heart. Despite the New Zealand Herald’s risible attempt to suggest otherwise, we have put out much work to show that an excess of people young and old are being crushed to death by an elephant in a room – the jabs. ​​​​​​​

We are living through an apparent crime – doggedly uninvestigated by Police and Medsafe as documented at – so monstrous that it defies belief. Except that we know propaganda works. People have been relentlessly lied to. We are truly sick of it, and many others are waking up and sniffing the air too. Change is in the wind, and not before time. Information is power, and we present some more anonymised deaths below, in addition to those already listed in our prior article Deaths Following C-19 Vaccination.

Whilst state funded media would have the country – and the world – believe that sudden death of the young and fit, and/or otherwise healthy is a normal occurrence, it is in fact a highly unusual occurrence which began happening last year at alarming rates.

The Cardiac Inherited Diseases Group state that around 90 New Zealanders between one year to 40 years of age, experience sudden death each year. About a third are unexplained.  A registry was developed in 2008 by Waikato Clinical School at Auckland University with the aim  to “detect and protect young people at risk from SADS”. 

Reading the above Herald article and researching the cases featured, shows most are not exactly young and otherwise healthy, compared to the literally hundreds of young New Zealanders dead since the rollouts.  The sudden deaths we are talking about are part of a horrendous rise in all-cause mortality seen in heavily vaccinated countries, including ours.


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