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With a database of over 160 names and cases, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has submitted to the New Zealand Police and now to Medsafe, a list of young people who passed away shortly after their Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine.

Reports from multiple healthcare workers have unveiled a wall of silence within District Health Boards, regarding the lack of reporting and extent of injuries and fatalities in young healthy people from clots, bleeds and sudden death, all of who have no other risk factors.

This conveniently attempts to cover up a very large elephant in the room, could these be death-by-injection? Since submitting an article to public record, NZDSOS’s powerful research has been published outlining how the risks of the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine in younger people far outweigh any benefit.

These risks have been more than obvious in children who are almost at zero risk from hospitalisation and death from the virus itself. The risks of the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine are much higher, which will cause shock to many who read through these cases.

NZDSOS has written an open letter to Medsafe Regulator, Chris James, tasked with protecting New Zealanders from either deceptive drug company marketing or a rogue parliament. It appears to NZDSOS that these 'black swans' have got past him.

Medsafe is now on the cusp of approving Pfizers 'clinical trial' to support its application to sell the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine for the next stage of the rollout for children aged six months to five years. This trial seems to be the worst excuse in history for proving a drug is safe and effective. Regardless, it has just been rubber-stamped in the United States of America. No doubt Mr James will not want to rattle any cage here, ignoring the fact that Pfizer's trial for children aged five-to-11 years was too short and with too few participants to conclude anything based on actual scientific findings.

In the open letter to Chris James, NZDSOS have alerted him, along with the New Zealand Police, many times, regarding the significant harm to the public, from the Pfizer/Comirnaty campaign. This adds, and links, to the evidence of fraud and deception used to flatter Pfizer/Comirnaty and make it appear to reduce severe outcomes, when in fact it does

the opposite. NZDSOS has provided Mr James with a list of 160 cases needing further investigation to eliminate the vaccine as the cause of death.

NZDSOS have listed these lives in their post on deaths following vaccination.- Recording the facts and manner of deaths has always been in the public interest, and absolutely applies in this instance.

NZDSOS is calling on the Medsafe regulators and the New Zealand Police to investigate these deaths and acknowledge the scale of harm already done to people.

Debate has emerged around the economic and societal costs of the overall pandemic management, but politicians, celebrities and journalists are still practicing medicine without a license and urging more shots as we enter the twilight zone of boosters ad infinitim. The brave new world of injections, with ambiguous ingredients, is here, with regulators and police being part of the apparatus needed to usher this in.

Many health care workers see the extent of those who are queuing up with brain bleeds, chest pain in younger people or mysteriously dying. They speak of a collusion of silence, living in fear of censure and shaming. In particular, they don’t report to CARM.

Our hospitals are at breaking point, full of people whose bodies are failing to fight off the usual coughs and colds, with many staff similarly laid up at home. Meanwhile, many healthy (and COVID-immune) mandated health-care workers sit around at home, some on unemployment benefits, watching the emergence of a soviet-era rundown of medicine. In this vein, some doctors have shrugged and turned away from patients, complaining fatalistically ‘what can we do’.

Once again, NZDSOS urges people to lobby any representatives and police they know personally, to change course and act to stop this monstrosity. You can't become de-vaccinated, although NZDSOS are working on reversing the damage, but you can get off the treadmill of endless jabs for everything, as is proposed for New Zealanders.

Read the NZDSOS articles, get active and donate to aid the vaccine-injured and speak out for all New Zealanders, especially the vaccinated.

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