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From FreeNZ with Liz Gunn:

"For the last 1.5 years, he has asked every family that came to his funeral home whether there was a jab involved. 95% said yes, in the last two weeks."

TWNZ comment: We have posted here a previous interview with Brenton Faithful. This interview is as explained in the video info cited below. Brenton provides some quite disturbing observations. One in particular is the official response given to a fellow funeral director who reported to the NZ Herald, his concerns about excess deaths. This is a must watch & do share it around ... it contains important information:

We recorded a first interview with funeral director Brenton. We are publishing it now, as it contains the information Brenton was seeking to explain to Sean Plunket, who attempted to bully and deride him at the time.

Original Message:
We had between 150-200 people turn up for Brenton Faithfuls (the undertaker) talk in Orewa this afternoon. Just VFF HBC people today but he has a talk which is open to the public on 7th Oct which I encourage anyone who can to get along to. He gave an eye popping testimony. For the last 1.5 years, he has asked every family that came to his funeral home whether there was a jab involved. 95% said yes, in the last two weeks. Mostly elderly and mostly booster or 2nd booster. On learning of the proximal nature to the jab to the death he would ask the family if they wanted to report it to CARM and most would say, "well we made him take it, so we dont feel comfortable about reporting it". Or "the doctor can do it" which if course the doctor never would, they have too much else going on. He has reported cases to the coroner who didnt want to know. A GP friend of his who urged him to get the jab (he didnt) had a heart attack on Christmas Day. They talked and he confirmed to Brenton that the whole medical community relies 100% unquestioningly on information from the Medical Council. Which is more a political organisation now than medical. A friend of his who runs 5 funeral homes wrote a letter to the NZ Herald, going public re the deaths they were witnessing. He got a call from police telling him to retract his statement. It is willful intent by our democratically elected/appointed authorities to deceive the public. Treasonous, criminal behaviour. And yes, there are clots. Rubbery, the ones he's seen are no more than an inch long, but unlike anything he's ever seen, reported to police, they don't want to know. The next meeting is an all access, so register and bring your friends/family who are doubting but think it's all a conspiracy or hearsay. He's the first to go public in NZ. He's basically our John O'Looney. And he's not on the fence, he's going all out, thank God the truth has burnt a hole in the hearts of a few sleeping lions and is finally coming out! Pray for him and his family. He is about to become a huge media target and going to attract a lot of flak. Fortunately he sold his site to housing developers last year for a very healthy sum so is not beholden to anyone for career or money. I'll put up a link to his next event.

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