Liz Gunn interviews Brenton Faithfull Funeral Director

Recently we posted another interview with this brave and honorable Funeral Director Brenton Faithfull … his interview with Doctor Matt Shelton from NZDSOS. This interview with Liz Gunn follows up on his experience since the hit piece published by He is simply asking the questions MSM is not asking, nor is our government and instead, continues in its urging to ‘get jabbed’ rather than investigate the elephant in the room … very high all cause mortality stats in NZ. (See here also). Listen at the link below. TWNZ

Whistleblowing Kiwi Funeral Director Brenton Faithfull

FreeNZ video channel
We speak with Brenton Faithfull, a funeral director and a Justice of the Peace, about his experiences over the last year in New Zealand, and the evidence he has personally recorded.

95% of the cases in Brenton’s funeral home had received the Covid-19 injection within 2 weeks.
Why is this not being investigated?

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