An excellent article that exposes the many lies we've been fed for a long time. If you doubt this explore this site: in particular the video section on big oil:  There you will see who has been controlling the world's resources. James Corbett exposes much corruption in his well referenced work. This article featured here is from See related articles below also. TWNZ

Here's some of what you'll find in this eye-opening report from the International Medical Council on Vaccination (

  • A list of the many MDs, PhDs, NDs and other medical professionals who are signing onto this document.
  • Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective.
  • A list of some of the serious health side effects caused by vaccines.
  • Why autism is associated with vaccines.
  • The profit motivation behind the pharmaceutical industry's big vaccine push.
  • A list of which institutions and organizations profit from your sickness.
  • The shocking truth about what's IN vaccines (aborted fetal tissue, 59 different chemicals, DNA from diseased animals and more)
  • An overview of some of the most dangerous vaccine ingredients
  • The truth about conflicts of interest in the vaccine community and why doctors profit from vaccination policies
  • Why vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes than unvaccinated children
  • How to opt out of "mandatory" vaccines.
  • Important advice for parents about how to protect the health of your children while saying NO to vaccines
  • Online resources for learning more about the dangers of vaccines
  • A list of recommended reading materials for further education



The REAL history of the Western medical/vaccine industries that you weren’t told (Pt 1)

(Links to Parts 2 & 3 contained in Part 1)

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