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I am not surprised. As I pointed out on Ardern's recent resignation, Young Global Leaders are greatly rewarded for the paths of destruction they create. Guy Hatchard has just written on her new role, promoting government and media censorship. So her fascist influence continues, all in keeping with the WEF agenda of tighter control on citizens, witness the 15 minute cities fiasco, the pack n stack housing, the destruction of our roading infrastructure, the SNAs ... it's all happening. She is not the sweet mama the whore media has portrayed her as. If you're not so familiar with that Agenda for a brief update on it listen to Dr Vernon Coleman (link below) who has been blowing the whistle long before the plandemic. Read his blogs at and

The very disturbing thing about this is Ardern's new role. Clearly her plans for shutting down free speech aka covering up what the government's really doing is fully on the agenda going forwards. We've had total cover up of the real fallout from the jabs, as all cause mortality world wide has spiked big time, then an apparent cover up of the death toll following Cyclone Gabrielle. Plus all the anomalies following about rescue operations. The Davos boys are showing their hand with impunity. Operation depop.


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The Full Scary Story of Agenda 21 and Your Future


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