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by Pam Vernon

Interview with John O'Looney posted at

Icke's headline reads: UN Soldiers are in Britain -  John O’Looney: Black Watch troops have told me this is the plan … they are training Albanian and other foreign troops who are coming as fake ‘migrants’ to take over the UK for their masters when another lockdown is declared.

John O'Looney tells us he has members of the military, British Intelligence, doctors and politicians reach out to him and supply information. As the world wide cull continues, it doesn't take too great a stretch of the imagination, given the scenarios that have unfolded in the past three years, to visualize what John outlines here in this video clip as being very likely. (A similar clip can be seen here also).

There are folk who've observed that hotels and motels are being fully block booked into the foreseeable future meaning civilians cannot get in. The occupiers of these bookings are all young men of military age. No families. You will hear those observations in the various clips listed below including those who have made inquiries at reception by phone, or gone to those locales to observe for themselves. They also name the hotel chains in question, French owned apparently (see Rallying the Troops vid). This cannot all be authenticated of course however it is well to observe and take note for further reference if necessary. 

This is all Agenda 2030 - Mike Adams warned of the real agenda way back in 2015. NZ  investigative author and evangelist Barry Smith also spoke of it, authoring many books and lecturing both here and internationally from the early 1970s to 2002. (Watch three of Barry's videos at the bottom of this page, there are more on Youtube ...his books can be found at this link).

A funeral director, John O'Looney has been outspoken since blowing the whistle on the strange white matter he's found in the veins of the deceased, something neither he nor others in the same field have ever seen before (NZ also, follow up link here). All, note, ignored by media and the authorities including governments, when this is brought to their attention.

Below are other links from various sources confirming the same. It's a topic I've been watching for some time and have noted it's always been said that in the event of martial law & lockdowns, local troops would not (as John says in the video) kick down the doors of their own countrymen, women (and children). This scenario could emerge it's said, when they come for the unjabbed. (There is no doubting they intend for everybody to receive their experimental mRNA injection - Bill Gates on topic). Unknown to the populace they are patrolling, UN troops will of course, very willingly kick down doors.

Too conspiratorial?

Have you noticed the camps emerging world wide? (Possibly not if you only watch mainstream news). There have been many articles about those for some time now. Quarantine camps (ostensibly?)... with somewhat sinister scenarios transpiring for some people.... particularly those who declined the jab, or the test even.

RELATED: Why is Canada preparing quarantine camps to detain people who DON’T have COVID? – listen to the Minister’s evasion of the pertinent questions (see next link also, some of the article links are now dead)
(VIDEO LINK: Questions: What’s Going On???)

Three years ago, before the plandemic, it would have been feasible enough to believe world government could be an amicable scenario - the happy global village, each member helping the others, a kindly leader in charge. However, given the current evils emerging in the form of the excess all-cause post-jab mortality rates world wide, the lockstep ignoring of that and refusal by virtually all nations to investigate, the draconian measures proposed for 15 minute cities via councils signed up to UN Agenda 2030 ... and more, then it is hard to deny that the real intent is more than meets the eye.

With this UK scenario here, we're left wondering of course, if it is all true, what of the other countries taking in migrants? 



UN Soldiers are in Britain -  
John O’Looney: Black Watch troops have told me this is the plan … they are training Albanian and other foreign troops who are coming as fake ‘migrants’ to take over the UK for their masters when another lockdown is declared
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