Rather than talk to Pro-Festers at Parliament Grounds Freedom Village, the NZ corporation parading as government, desperate to be rid of them, have had Police block servicing of the portaloos. Not to be outdone, innovative Kiwis (as always) have simply built their own & titled them 'The Peehive', Plumbers and builders who are part of the village having stepped up. Folk have even planted gardens there. See the link below the Peehive video for a short overview of what they are doing there. Unfortunately it is a mainstream propaganda piece as in they slant it against the profesters, nevertheless you get to hear the heart of those three amazing Voices For Freedom women. This article gives you a good photographic overview of what is happening there.TWNZ
AN UPDATE: Profesters also built a small shower block on wheels which the Police took away, bearing riot gear at 12.30am in the morning! "The police continue their psychologically traumatising tactics" says one observer. They are certainly choosing the cover of night to apply pressure.

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Wellington Dispatch No. 005

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards, 24 February 2022

A decision by a New Zealand High Court judge who ruled the vaccine mandates for NZ police and defense force staff were unlawful — is a major chink in the armor of the Government’s Covid Regime.

Justice Francis Cooke who acknowledged the complainants had the right to refuse a medical treatment and that their employment should not be threatened by such a refusal also stated the mandates breached the Bill of Rights and were a coercive measure that infringed upon domestic and international law.

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Wellington Dispatch No. 004

In this dispatch, Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards proves the NZ Police breached the peace on Tuesday morning February 22 2022, on the streets adjacent to New Zealand Parliament Grounds to bait the protesters. The police objective was to produce scenes of violence, with the confidence that the mainstream media would not bother to accurately report the clustered events.

With images taken from his camera — as well as an appraisal of news-gathering footage and some independent media footage — The Snoopman unpacks the propaganda and demonstrates that Assistance Police Commissioner Richard Chambers emotionally hijacked news audiences when he claimed the actions of protesters were “disgraceful”.

By Steve ‘Snoopman’ Edwards 

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To the protesters in Wellington. Be very very careful. Because JA wants to talk, don't imagine that you have her by the short and curlies. (Info on the globalists' MO).
T.E.K. @ Youtube

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Wellington protest Adam Jackson, a sniper team commander who’s trained sniper teams around the world and who’s written the health policy for the New Zealand Defence Force speaks about an enhanced interrogation tactic to break down the minds of the protesters. "Our government is attacking its own people" he says. (Note: similar also reported in Australia) TWNZ

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 Liz Gunn speaks out about the media lies regarding what happened a week ago with the NZ Police and protesters in Parliament grounds. Undeniable police brutality. Nary a mention of this on mainstream media. Not a peep. No pollies fronting up either. This all demonstrates (with additional video footage) that the Government is ensuring the NZ public only get to see and hear what they want them to. TWNZ

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VIDEO From FreeNZ with Liz Gunn and Guy Hatchard:
A remarkable trove of documents has been created in NZ by an organisation called Te Punaha Matatini—Covid-19 Modelling Aotearoa hosted by the University of Auckland but funded directly by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Covid-19 Modelling Aotearoa is headed by the wildly inaccurate Covid modeller Dr Shaun Hendy who once predicted 80,000 imminent NZ deaths (currently at 53 in NZ) and includes the participation of academics from universities across NZ.

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Media Release – Friday 18th of Jan, 2021 
“Heads We Win, Tails You Lose, is made to be played as loud as possible in solidarity of our brave Kiwis and fellow Earthlings who are Peacefully making a stand, Peacefully resisting, or Peacefully joining the convoy of greater good. We appreciate your selflessness and courage to stand in the name of truth, justice, and our inalienable sovereign rights as human beings living on this planet. Thank you, you make us proud to be free.” – Jason Kerrison

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An article from Steve Snoopman Edwards:
What really happened with the Police arrests and leading up to in Parliament this week. Mainstream (as always) is not telling you the complete story. Here we have an independent eye witness account and dissection of the facts. TWNZ

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: We are witnessing on the grounds of Parliament the organic evolution of a city within a city and without designated leaders: where a problem exists, someone comes up with a solution as was amply demonstrated when the sprinklers were activated. We laughed at that one, by the way. Then he [Mallard] resorted to blaring loud, screechy, torture music, rumoured to have been supplied by the CCP.

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Interesting to reflect isn't it? The narrative that the VX will become mandatory is as Hipkins says in the video, a direct result of social media MISINFORMATION!  In light of the clear undeniable statements on record here, how then, a year later can we ever trust the 'one source of truth'? TWNZ

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Wake Up Kiwi:
The Right Side Of History: Wellington Update

Right now, all eyes are on Wellington, and the world watched our politicians cower behind a wall of shamefully compromised police officers.
Their yellow bellies were on full display, and millions are witnessing their despicable actions. Regardless of what happens next, exposure of their deplorable behaviour will go down in history as a massive turning point in the battle for freedom.

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By Kiwi4Justice

We’ve all been watching the incredible scenes in Wellington, as well as Canberra and Ottawa. Unprecedented historic gatherings to fight for freedom of those respective countries.

It’s really great to see Groundswell and ‘NZ Farming’ both coming out recently in support of the Wellington Freedom Camp. But now we need you all supporting this unprecedented movement in huge numbers on the ground as well as in your great words of support.

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From Free NZ. Beautiful korero with this young man. So brave. So wise. (Note since this was published we've received word that Alexander is actually 17 not 14 as originally thought - to explain the correction).TWNZ

"We talk to the brave insightful young man Alexander from Whakatane who went viral when picture of him being held down by police was circulated far and wide. We have a full interview coming out tomorrow with this young man with better sound quality, thank you for your patience".

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See how NZ Police restrained a 17 YO teen today, caught on video. Onlookers scream in horror at the tactics used. "Get off his *** head!! He's just a kid!!"  (Instructions for laying a Police complaint supplied below)

VIDEO at the link:

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The Hatchard Report: The use of brute force rather than dialogue in Parliament Square today is a reflection of a long standing imbalance in healthcare and an arrogant political misunderstanding of what science is.

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Watch some of the live streams at the links. Police were shoulder barging folk, the usual tactics, pepper spraying, punching, clearly captured in the videos, witnessed by others … yet in fact they are a peaceful crowd. MSM however is giving the impression that things are quite the opposite. More are arriving however, there is word that some of the roads into Wellington have been blocked. TWNZ


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"All roads have led to this. The convoy emerged out of a failure by governing officials to listen to the people, not just some of the people but all of the people and to move with the science as science does what it is supposed to do; observe, then replicate then change its findings in light of new data.
" J James

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